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The help section is intended to familiarize users of the flower expert the structure and the navigational links of the site. Also we have introduced all the special features of the flower expert in this page along with the help you might need in understanding the basics of those features.

Navigational Structure

Every page on this web site has a section named The Flower Expert on the upper right hand corner. This section contains the following links.

  • A link to the home page for the entire web site. From anywhere among these hundreds of pages you can immediately click and jump to familiar territory.
  • Also, you can use the site map to quickly find a link that´ll take you to a topic of your choice. You can also get an understanding of the structure of the website by glancing through it.
  • You can click on the about us link to find information on the people behind the flower expert and the vision of the website. You will find our contact details by clicking on the contact us link.
  • The privacy of our users is paramount to us. We do not share or reveal any of the Email Id´s used. Get detailed information on our privacy policy by visiting that section.

There is a detailed list of links, named References Used and Interesting Info, on the right side of every content page. These links take you to the sites of some of our sources and to some interesting information we have gathered on specific topics. Also we have internal links on some of the pages (within the content) which link to relevant topics within the flower expert.




The essential features of the flower expert are found at the bottom of every page on the flower expert.

  • Tell A Friend- This feature allows you to recommend the flower expert to a friend with just a click. Click on the feature and then enter the Email address of your friends to send them the link of that particular page of the flower expert.
  • You can make the flower expert your home page by clicking on the feature, and also you can bookmark a particular page.
  • We value your feedback. Just click on the feature named Give Feedback to fill out a predesigned questionnaire. You can also post additional comments about the flower expert and submit them to us. We consider your feedback while making any enhancements to the website.


Special Features


You can find the Special Features section on the center right of the screen. You can access all of our features in this section.

Blog on flowers

Search the flower expert

  • The phrase search the flower expert is a link to another page where you can start your search. Into the search field on that page you can type any word or phrase you wish -- then press GO and you will quickly arrive at the search results. This results are limited to web pages contained in the flower expert.

Flower news to your mailbox

  • You can catch up with latest news on topics related to flowers in this section. Right now you can just browse for flower news but in the coming days you will also be able to opt for a free subscription of the newsletter.

Flower of the week

  • Every week we discuss about a different flower and give you all the information about that particular flower of the week from the pages of the flower expert.


Coming Soon


Ask The Flower Expert

  • Ask any specific questions you may have, and flower expert will get back to you with the answers as quickly as possible.

Flower Quiz

  • Test your flower knowledge, play the flower quiz.

What´s new in the flower expert

  • In this feature we describe all the new sections that will come up on the flower expert. In addition to that any changes and updates made to the website will also be mentioned.


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