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Halloween Day flowers!!

Its trick or treat time. That means Halloween is just around the corner and this time we look beyond pumpkins or candies and celebrate Halloween Day with flowers. Now Halloween holds a special place in all of our hearts. Much celebrated as the festival of dead's or the harvest festival, there are many interpretations but at the end of the day its all about kids dressing up, knocking on doors for candies, decorating your homes and celebrating the " All hallows evening". Basically you want to have a good time and give everyone around you a Good time as well.

So how can flowers be used to decorate this Halloween?

You can create a backdrop with flowers .Mix and match your chosen flowers to create a spooky effect with the help of strategically located lights .You can turn the lights down low or off them completely, resorting to candles or other forms of minimal ambient light to create a spooky effect as per the shades of the flowers used.

You can also have a flower themed party for Halloween. Make gourd goblins, carve them out and insert some flowers like sunflower and marigold to soothe spookiness to some extent.Create a wreath around your doors and windows with flowers as a border.Flowers and Pumpkins make a wonderful combination .You could also decorate a pumpkin with flowers and make it a great centerpiece that your guests will not only compliment but also make a note of, to do something like that in their houses.

You can also plant them in pots and vases or old bottles for that much desired haunted effect. Beautiful flowers also become the best gifting option. You could send your special ones a vast range of flowers for halloween Royal autumn lilies look beautiful when sent in a nice ceramic vase or a pumpkin cookie jar with chocolate cookies or 20 multi colored mixed bouquet to tell your special ones how much they mean to you. For the parents who live far away, nothing like Autumn Peruvian lilies that say "Mom and Dad we love you and wish we were all together"

To make it extra special add some gourmet wine and delicious chocolates your loved ones shall love you more. If you want to bring a ray of sunshine in the dark spooky black Halloween well Sunflowers then are your best choice. There's a bright cheeriness that you spread by gifting sunflowers

So Trick or treat with beautiful flowers, flowers and more flowers this time .

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