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Flowers Open Your Heart to Love

It doesn't matter how long my relationship has lasted, and it's more than a few years I can tell you. I still love receiving flowers and there's nothing like the tingle of excitement when the delivery driver walks through the office, and you realise that he's not about to walk past your desk. It's for you! Yes, you're still loved enough for someone to send a wonderful gesture and not only that, the whole world knows it too.

For me, one of the things I enjoy least of all about my life is travelling for work and there's nothing more pleasing than to arrive at some chain hotel, walking into your otherwise unremarkable hotel room (they are all the same aren't they) to be greeted by a wonderful array of colours and scents.

Throughout the length of my relationship flowers have shown how consistently loved I have been. They have been the perfect way of making the most personal of gestures. From the simplicity of a small arrangement, perhaps just half a dozen deep red roses give out a message but accompany them with a soft cuddly toy, and the doors to true love will really begin to open. Birthdays and anniversaries are also times to mark a special occasion and 50 long stem red roses will simply take the breath away. Such an extravagant gesture is sure to melt even the most resistant of hearts.

Valentine's Day is definitely for lovers but perhaps grand gestures show a new relationship. As a relationship grows and matures it is important not to take the romantic love of your relationship for granted. You need to keep the early romance alive. A mature relationship needs to valued and reflected on all the time - not just on Valentine's Day to avoid taking each other for granted. If Valentine's Day opens the heart to love then regular gestures with seasonal flowers will certainly keep the love flourishing.

The depth of love can be reflected in the choice of blooms. Roses will always symbolise true love, especially deep red ones and they can be combined with lilies to create a stunning display which symbolises the depth and purity of a maturing relationships.

Flowers say so much about love which is why people enjoy receiving them but one thing to remember is that a lovely bouquet will make all the difference in the world. So have a look at the beautiful collection of bouquets meant for your loved ones at Pickupflowers; courtesy theflowerexpert

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