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Fall Flowers

Fall is the season of change and there's no better way to bring the season into your home than with blooms that reflect the changing outdoor world. I was recently invited to an autumn wedding and the bride and groom had decided to make the most of the season's colours. They planned an indoor-outdoor reception (risky for the time of year) but it was worth it. The bridal flowers were a riot of autumnal colours that were really set off by the changing colours of the foliage. With a combination of wonderful natural textures such as rough cut woods and seeds and dried fruits for table arrangements all around us it added a very natural dimension to the wedding breakfast. As if by good luck, the weather was kind, and it reminded me so clearly about how flowers and Autumn work together surprisingly well.

During the fall surround yourself with blooms that promise the mists and mellow fruitfulness of the season. A combination of fragrant flowers such as scented geraniums and richly coloured dahlias with lush foliage will create a bouquet that takes the breath away. As the long hot days of summer fade and the leaves begin to turn to their autumnal glory look out for flowers that bloom at this time of the year. Exotic blooms such as the Kangaroos Paw can sit alongside more traditional roses, which can be combined with fragrant foliage such as garden herbs like sage or eucalyptus leaves to bring the feelings of plenty and the celebration of harvest into your own home.

Who can ignore the golden reds and oranges of the season, a riot of colours as well as a real treat for the nose? Brighten up your home with blooms of sunflowers that hark back to long summer days in the farms of France. Field after field of bright smiling yellowness captured all that summer sun and can now radiate it back into your home for one last, lingering glimpse of summer.

Bouquets featuring the bright colours of fall can be made outstanding by carefully selecting highlight bloomssuch as dark-red dahlias, yellow calla lilies and golden black-eyed Susans. They can all be made spectacular if they are presented in an arrangement and separated by blooms with contrasting colours for e.g. they can be separated by orange roses and purple trachelium. Green foliage or hydrangea blooms will then set the colour combination off perfectly. So what are you waiting for, celebrate this beautiful autumn with it's lovely flowers.

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