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Top 6 Gardening Tips For The Perfect Blooms!

For some people, there is no greater joy than maintaining and growing a garden all of their own. Some might do it out necessity, some out of passion, and some for a living. But there is no doubt that they all do so with an undying and infectious passion.

If you are one of them, or if you know anyone like that, this is the page for you! Here are the best 6 tips that are absolutely essential and a must-know for every garden!

1.A lawn is a must-have for a garden, however small it may be. Choose a grass type in accordance with your climate, so it will be easy for you to grow and maintain.

2.Always make and save compost. This proves advantageous in two ways. It doesn't end up as garbage overflow (which takes long to decompose), and acts as a sort of conditioner for the soil, adding back essential nutrients that have been lost during watering or due to rain or burrowing animals. So next time you plan to throw away that pile of dead leaves, Plant cuttings etc., think again!

3.If your Plants require a lot of sun, make sure they are planted in a region away from other towering plants, so they can get all the sun they require. The reason this simple point needs stressing is because one tends to forget and plant a new plant wherever one finds place, forgetting that that place has been reserved for the sun-needing plant to grow. This cramps the space for both plants, and neither get appropriate sun, or soil requirements.

4.Focus more on feeding the soil more with natural nutrients-compost rich soil, appropriate amounts of air, sun etc and less fertilizers and organic supplements.

5.For garden corners, choose a plant with bright Flowers or foliage. The corner is a much-ignored area, and if left for random bushes or small greenery to grow on, it can look shabby and lead the garden to smaller than it actually is. Plants like tiger lilies and poinsettias are perfect for corners and attract attention to the entire garden shape as a whole.

6.Propagation is important. It allows you to get natural sources for new Flowers and Plants, and also bring in variety to your garden. It also brings you in contact with others who are passionate about gardening, and makes this exchange of Plants beneficial for all. Psst, its also free.

You can also add your own decorative ideas, as long as they dont impede the growth of the Plants. Now your perfect garden is only 6 steps away!

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