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Add Beauty To The Season With Christmas Flowers

Flowers are a welcomed addition at almost any time of the year, but Christmas flowers provide a magnificent spark to the holiday season because in most areas, there are few blooming plants in the winter. The poinsettia has long been the Christmas flower of choice for many around Christmas, and if they are missing from the decorations during the holiday, a large void would need to be filled. Other popular Christmas flowers include holly, mistletoe, ivy, the Christmas cactus, and the legendary Snow Rose.

Christmas Flowers Make Great Gifts

It is often difficult to find presents for some friends and family members who already have most of the material things they desire. That is the reason why Christmas flowers give such joy because their true value cannot be represented by mere money. A friend or loved one can appreciate being remembered during the holidays each time that they look at beautiful Christmas flowers, even after the holiday festivities have subsided.

Poinsettias - Christmas Flowers that Last

Poinsettias retain their beauty quite well for some time, if they are kept in warm temperatures and have plenty of morning sunlight and afternoon shade. The Poinsettia is a reasonably priced plant that generally lasts a little longer than the Christmas season, but if cared for properly it can bloom again the following year. This requires subjecting the plant to dark nights for two months in the fall of the year so the flowers develop prior to the holiday season.

A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

The vibrant red of the Poinsettia is a good balance with the white of the Christmas Rose, which is considered to be a true Christmas flowers. The tinge of color on the tips of the rose blooms adds beauty to any arrangement.

For many people, any arrangement of Christmas flowers would be incomplete without what is also known as the Snow Rose. Legend has it that an angel revealed a white rose with pink tinged tips beneath the snow to a poor maiden, distraught because she had no gift for the Christ child.

The Christmas Cactus and Its Rainbow of Colors

A step outside of the white and red of Christmas flowersis possible with the Christmas cactus because it comes in a variety of colors. Other than the famous red color, this holiday favorite is stunningly beautiful in pink, orange, purple, and fuchsia, among other hues. An arrangement of many different varieties makes for a wonderful explosion of color that is a prize for any gathering.

Christmas flowers can consist of arrangements with some of the more usual plants such as roses and other bloomers that may be available from the florist. If you are decorating for yourself, Christmas flowers may be used in a welcoming wreath on your door. Do not leave yourself out on the gift giving where flowers are concerned. Make each Christmas season more cordial, beautiful, seasonal, and uplifting by way of Christmas flowers, for both gifts and decoration.

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