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Flower Blog Archive - November 2011

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Poinsettia Plant Care

Poinsettia ImageThe Flower Expert received a question from a flower lover about the care for Poinsettias. For the benefit of others who are looking for answer to this question, we are publishing the same.

Poinsettias are great potted plants and provide effective color for the home decor during and after the holiday season. Proper care of the plant is a must to be able to maintain its vigor. The following tips would enliven your poinsettia:

Keep your Poinsettia plant near a sunny window where it will have the most available sunlight. Sunlight should be available for the Poinsettia for atleast five hours a day. A window that faces south, east or west is the best location to place your Poinsettia. Do take precaution such that no part of the plant touches the cold windowpane which may injure it.

Let not the soil in the pot dry out. If you feel dryness opf the soil on touching it, do water it until it runs freely out the drainage hole in the container. The pot should be able drain the excess water as waterlogging in the pot is not good for Poinsettia. Waterlogged soil lacks sufficient air, which may result damage of roots. Poinsettias exposed to high light and low humidity require more frequent watering.

Maintain the temperature of the location at 65 to 70 degrees F during the daylight hours for it to maintain its blooming in a good stead. It is a good practice to move Poinsettias to a cooler place at night but it is not a demanding criterion. Because root rot disease is more prevalent at temperatures below 60 degrees F, do not put the poinsettia in a room colder than this. More about Poinsettias

Holdouts in the November Floral Landscape

November can be a depressing time of year here in New England (U.S.). We slip inexorably into a period of darkness, dominated by the gray skies and the brown, leafless tree limbs. Even the white that comes with winter's snows is rarely satisfying if you live in the city, where the snow quickly becomes soiled, losing its pristine appearance. So any flowers that remain in the landscape are greatly valued. And I mean any, as in a couple of blooms here or there on some hardy plant. Right now, the only holdouts, other than my regions namesake aster, are a new lilac cultivar I've been testing (Bloomerang) and my pink Buddleia: Miss Ruby butterfly bush.

Thanksgiving Floral Decorating Ideas


Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the bountiful gifts of the land, the first national Thanksgiving day was proclaimed by George Washington and celebrated on November 26, 1789.

Image of Thanksgving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Floral Decorating Ideas

1. Accessorize a large table by placing a long, narrow centerpiece in the center of the table. Add a few smaller accent pieces or candles on each side of the arrangement for an added effect.

2. Ask your florist to create a centerpiece in a treasured family vase or bowl, or in seasonal pieces such as a cornucopia or a utility vase surrounded by dry corn cobs.

3. To create a lot of drama and variety, place a topiary at one end of the table leading to a cluster of small potted plants, then two smaller topiaries with candles leading to a tray of votive candles and flower petals, and so on.

4. Ask your florist to use vegetables or fruits as accents in your floral arrangement.

5. Garnish your serving trays with flowers and greens.

6. Scatter colorful fall leaves, flowers and votive candles along the center of your dining table.

7. Float flowers in crystal wine glasses.

8. Place a single long-stem rose on each plate to welcome your guests to the table.

9. Decorate small desserts with flowers or make an ice ring with flowers to chill champagne or wine.

10. Ask your florist to design the arrangements for your buffet table on several different levels to keep the eye flowing all along the table.

11. Place a garland of fruit, flowers and fall foliage over your front door.

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