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Flower Blog Archive - July 2009

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AIFD Launches Certified Floral Designer Recognition Program


BALTIMORE (July 16, 2009) − After three years of development, the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) has launched a dynamic new Certified Floral Designer (CFD) professional recognition program. The program was unveiled during the AIFD National Symposium that took place in Kansas City, Mo. July 11-16.

The program is modeled on the proven system already used by AIFD to accredit its members. To achieve the CFD designation, a floral designer will first have to show that he or she has attained a fundamental level of understanding of the art of floral design through one of five education pathways.

CFD education pathways include online courses and workshops offered by AIFD, completion of qualified courses offered by approved floral design schools, graduation from a student chapter of AIFD, completion of a qualified state floral association’s education programs, or a self-evaluation survey.

Once a floral designer has successfully completed an education pathway, he or she can apply to become a CFD candidate. Candidates will then be able to participate in an AIFD Professional Floral Designers Evaluation (PFDE) session, which is a replica of AIFD′s rigorous Accreditation Evaluation Session. In addition, a written design-knowledge assessment is required.

During a PFDE, candidates are required to produce five designs in four hours. The design work will be evaluated by a panel of international AIFD evaluators who will follow the same level of rating as has been used by AIFD to qualify its members. The only major difference will be that a florist can achieve the CFD designation by achieving a solid “average” rating as compared to “well above average” evaluation that is needed to become AIFD.

“The evaluation system we will use will be exactly the same as that which weâ??ve used to accredit our own members,” said Tina Stoecker, president of AIFD and a retail design artist in the Orlando area. The big difference in the five point evaluation system used by AIFD is that presently an evaluation of 4.0 or higher is required to become AIFD where as a 3.2 or better will be required to achieve the CFD.

“Candidates who achieve a 4.0 or better will be invited by AIFD to become a member,” said Stoecker. “If they wish to accept the invitation to join AIFD in its mission to advance the art of professional floral design, they will need to provide us three letters of recommendation and demonstrate that they have been a leader in the floral industry.”

CFD Certification

The broad design categories upon which the candidates will be evaluated include sympathy, wedding, general arrangement, flowers-to-wear and a duplication design. During an orientation immediately prior to their PFDE, the candidates will be advised of such specifics as the flowers, foliage and materials to be used and the exact type of design for each of the broad categories, i.e., bridal bouquet in the wedding category or standing easel in the sympathy category.

“Much of our CFD program is focused at providing incentives to floral designers to become more involved and participate in industry organizations and events,” stressed Stoecker. CFD recipients will be required to continue to advance themselves through continuing education and leadership in the industry. “While many CE opportunities, including the AIFD National Symposium, will be available through AIFD, the CE concept will help drive floral designers to educational programs offered by state floral associations.”

CFD recipients will be listed on AIFD′s Web site and AIFD will work with shelter magazines and other consumer avenues to motivate consumers to seek out CFD designers.

A horrific experience in an Forist" Figli Dei Fiori" - Como, Italy.

Doing wedding flowers in Italy.4/7/09. I ordered my son's wedding flowers from a Florist in Como, Fleur de Fiori connected to the Wedding venue Villa Geno, believing that I would have no problems. However, I was confronted with the special 'focal' flowers of my classic arrangements had not been supplied. In their place I was offered, cheap oriental lillies instead of Scented, large white Casa Blancas. Instead of Birds of Paradise ( chosen specially for the South African groom!) I was offered roses or Agapanthus - not suitable for the ararrangement.!!! The white roses for the Corsages and Bridal Bouquet were also replaced I was by now excedingly annoyed and grossly disappointed - for they had received my order in Italian ,English , Pictures and Latin names a month earlier. They did not supply the vases they promised or the stands or the 60 Large Cala Lilies -the main feature I needed! After ordering 5 stems of Gypsophila I was sent off with 2 crates!!they refused to keep them.!! I spent an hour and a half in their shop and came out of it so very ,very disappointed. I had worked on many websites, with Dutch salesmen and others,sought out flower markets (weds and Sats) - to get this order perfect for the big day. With the help of my sister from America and another friend - we completed the task, with their dodgy replacements!! My recommendation to anyone going to do flowers in Italy....learn the language, visit more than one florist and make your selection!!!! so YOU CAN ENJOY DOING THE FLOWERS FOR YOUR SON/DAUGHTER'S WEDDING. cheers flower friends and lovers, celia murray UK.

Roses sold at high prices in Pune,India.

Guru Poornima (religious teacherâ??s day) was celebrated on 7 th of July in Pune and all over India. Many students, disciples and followers of their respected Guru (Teachers) were gifted flower garlands, bouquets and fresh flowers. Maximum people offers fresh roses, the prices of roses are doubles on that day, rose growers and florists do a brisk business on that eve. There is another Teacherâ??s day in India that is celibrated on 5 th of Sept. every year, Birth day of Dr. Radhakrishan Ex President of India.

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