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Flower Blog Archive - May 2009

The Flower Expert welcomes the flower enthusiasts to the special feature - Flower Blogs where the flower lovers can share the knowledge about flowers and flower related topics with the flower admiring community world-wide.

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growing jasmin

I want to take a piece of my jasmin plant and regrow it. to form roots. can you tell me how to do this?

Cosmos Question

cosmosseedling.jpg Cosmos plants are easy to grow and easy to maintain.

Here is the picture of the cosmos seedling.

Cosmos begin blooming 10 weeks after seeding and bloom from summer to first fall frost.

Cosmos can be grown even in dry areas and are great for cut flowers.

Mother's day in different locations

Occassion are for celebrations. These celebrations are meant to enhance the togetherness among the emotional bonds of people.

Mother's day is the important occassion in the world of relations. This shows the emotional bond between a mother and a child.

The following dates are the dates of Mothers day celebrated through out the world.

Mother's Day Date in Different Countries...

  • United States: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Australia: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Belgium: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Brazil: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Canada: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Denmark: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Finland: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Germany: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Greece: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • India: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Italy: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Japan: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • New Zealand: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Singapore: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • Turkey: Second Sunday in the month of May.
  • United Kingdom/England: Mother's Day is called Mothering Sunday and falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent.
  • France: First Sunday in June or last Sunday in May
  • Much of South America (as well as Mexico), Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates: May 10
  • Mexico: - May 8
  • Albania: - March 8
  • Russia: - November 28
  • Poland: - May 26
  • Indonesia: - December 22
  • Egypt: - March 21
  • Norway: - February 13
  • Thailand: Birthday of Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara - August 12
  • Sweden: Last Sunday in May
  • Lebanon: First day of Spring
  • Norway: The second Sunday in February
  • Austria, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, Spain: First Sunday in May
  • Antwerp (Belgium), Costa Rica: Assumption day - August 15
  • Argentina: The Día de la Madre - The second or third Sunday in October

Cosmo flowers

My sister sent me some cosmo seeds (sensation mix), my problem is I live in Fl. and my soil is VERY dry. I planted them 6 days ago and I am not sure what I see is the flowers coming up or grass. Does anyone have a picture of the seedlings? Thank you!

Best Discount Flowers and Flower Deals Online

sweet-reminder.jpgWith the growing need for flowers at discounted prices especially in the backdrop of the ongoing economic recession, The Flower Expert makes an effort to present the best assortment of discount flowers and deals online. This range covers flowers at discounted prices upto $10 off and even upto 20% off on some select flowers. There are also such other deals like free vase with flowers, free shipping of flowers and so forth.

The Flower Expert also makes an effort to update this section with deals and discounts of not just fresh cut flowers, but also of such other products like artificial flowers, dried flowers, plants, and more gardening related stuff. You can select the deal that suits your need. And we will update this regularly covering all regular celebrations like birthdays, and anniversaries and also special occasions like Valentines day, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, etc.

4 Ways to Say How Much You Care for Her

Show your Gratitude! Be her Pride!

For all the sleepless nights she spent, for all the love she showered on you, for all the pies she gave up when there was not enough, for all the time you forgot to say "Thank You" every time she saved your day, for the Prom costume she spent all night long, for all those times when she stood by you... Take this chance to say "I care".

Following are the 4 ways to do so:

Go Traditional. Think Carnations!

For the Traditional Mom, say it with carnations as did Anna Jarvis and the world followed. The Flower Expert brings to you a wide range of carnations for you to choose from...

Say "I Understand" with Sweet Reminder a bunch of freshly picked pink and white carnations, or A Dozen Carnations in Vase - just the perfect gift to brighten her day... or surprise her with Three Dozen Purple Carnations.

Be Trendy. Set the Trend with her Favorite!

For all you know it is her day and she rules!!

Say it with Sweet Sentiments which shows her how rare she is or say it with style with Todd Oldham Sitting Pretty Mother's Day Bouquet. Make this Mother's Day Spectacular with her favorite flowers.

Go Organic!!

The best way to show your respect/pay a tribute to your mother is to do so in a way that is also respectful of "Mother Nature".

Get easy on the environment, bring home a world of freshness and contribute your little to the world with Organic Flowers.

Think Green. Give her some Plants!

For the mom who loves gardening, Potted flowering plants, ready to grow flowering bulbs, small and cute Bonsais are simply the best on her day, the Mother's Day.

Among the flowering plants, Potted roses in an antique tin is sure to lure her heart. Martha Stewart Petite's sweetly fresh Hydrangea plant would add to her beautiful home decor and as much color!

Among the Ready to grow flowering bulbs, Purp le bulbs assortment looks delightful for this Mother's Day! Or the Spring Daffodil Bulb Garden planted in a nest-like basket is just so good for a more natural look

Among the Bonsais, do try out the Flowering Gardenia Bonsai which spreads her fragrance wherever she goes or a Sago Palm Bonsai which would add variety to her collection of room plants!

This Mother's Day is the right time you show your Mom your gratitude and that she is priced of God!

Flowers of the Month

Flowers represent each month. January flower is the Carnation (Mother's day flower), February flower is Violet, March flower is the Daisy, April flower is the Daffodil, May flower is the Lily of the valley, so on and so forth.

The Botanical name of lily of the valley is Convallaria majalis, otherwise called as May Bells , Our Lady's Tears.

They are small bell like blooms on a short delicate stem, with colors ranging from white, pink blooming all year round.

The meaning of lily of the valley is Sweetness, you complete my life, return of happiness.

Lily of the valley is said to have been the favorite flower of Queen Victoria. All parts of the plant are poisonous if ingested. These flowers are very popular for weddings and corsage designs.

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