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Flower Blog Archive - April 2009

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April Flower

April Flower is the Daisy. Daisy symbolises childhood innocence. Though has many uses, it is considered and acts as a weed, over crowding crops and over powering fields, as insects easily spread its pollen. However, daisies have practical uses. Daisy leaves and petals are edible and it can also be brewed as a tea to sooth sore throats and stomach aches.

What's in a name!

Duffy is the latest in a long line of celebrity namesakes after endorsing a beautiful golden "Duffydil", which is to be unveiled at this year's Royal Horticultural show. The cultivar of the Welsh national emblem, 'Duffydil', will be shown for the first time at the RHS Show in Cardiff and fans of the Welsh pop star will be able to buy bulbs during the show.

Toni from Floral and Hardy, award-winning garden designers based in Hayes Village, Kent, said: "We will definitely be using the Duffydil! My purpose is to create a garden that reflects the house as well as the personalities and interests of the people who live there, and kids especially love it when the flowers are namesakes for their idols!"

The singer from Nefyn, in Gwynedd, chose her flower from a selection cultivated by the Really Welsh Trading Company and is extremely excited about the event. "The Duffydil, brilliant! Maybe now I can forgive myself for stealing them from people's gardens," Duffy said.

Duffy is not the first singing sensation to have a daffodil named after her. Welsh mezzo soprano, Katherine Jenkins, was also a daffodil namesake at previous RHS shows.

It is a modern tradition since a host of flowers have been named after people. For example, Dahlias were named after Anders Dahl, a Swedish botanist who introduced the flowers to Europe from Mexico. Begonias were titled in honour of Michel Begon, the governor of French-Canada and a recreational botanist. A raft of stars ranging from Napoleon to LeAnn Rimes are namesakes for Roses.

But the story doesn't end there, and if you happen to be a celebrity you may just be lucky enough to get an animal named after you too! With so many new species being found every day it isn't surprising that scientists are looking to people in the public domain for novel and authentic names.

In 1994, a scientist exploring the Amazon rainforest decided to name a little Colombian tree frog Hyla stingi after the singer Sting, as recognition for his campaigning to save the rainforest.

In 1997, four new arthropod fossils were discovered and were named after The Ramones! Other celebrity animals include the Aegrotocatellus jaggeri and the Anomphalus jaggerius both named after Mick Jagger; Avalanchurus lennoni for John Lennon; Eristalis gatesi is a flower fly in honour of Bill Gates and a spider called Stasimopus mandelai after Nelson Mandela.


Brisk Flower business in India Even if there is inflation in the world including in India, Because of Election for central government formation (Member of Parliament) held here many florist is gaining a good business. For wishing and welcoming a M.P. candidate and leaders coming for campaign. I personally gain a lot of business for selling more floral bouquets, because of most of the candidates are from our local area (Chinchwad, Pune). It is a possibility everywhere in India.

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