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Flower Blog Archive - December 2008

The Flower Expert welcomes the flower enthusiasts to the special feature - Flower Blogs where the flower lovers can share the knowledge about flowers and flower related topics with the flower admiring community world-wide.

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Yellow Flowers

What do I love about yellow flowers? That they brighten up even the cloudiest day is certainly a bonus: no cheerful landscape design can be without these "little pieces of sunshine." But I also love the possibilities for color combinations involving yellow flowers: e.g., yellow and red flowers, yellow and plants with dark foliage.

Australian Flowers used at Chinese New Year

Let's this New Year 2009 Bring, fulfill your Hopes, Aspirations, Goals etc,.

New Year is celebrated usually with flowers, and gifts.

In Australia, with the seasonal differences, the flowers of choice are African Marigolds, Chinese Lanterns, Orchids and Gladioli. Jade and Chilli plants also feature in an Australian Chinese New Year - a plant blooming on New Years Day means the home will be lucky! Flowers that are predominantly red, yellow or orange, feature throughout the festival.

Christmas and Flowers

Usually Christmas does not remind of flowers, after all, Christmas marks the beginning of winter what flowers are there at Christmas? But on second thought, I'm sure many plants & flowers come to mind, many of them with historical associations with Christmas or the Winter Solstice.

Most of these flowers are considered Christmas flowers or plants because they are evergreens or bloom in the winter, showing the hope of spring at the darkest time of year.

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Going Organic this Christmas!

You can go Organic this Christmas. Christmas decorations can be done with pine, cedar, twigs and other natural materials.

Decorations can be on the front door, the entryway, in the dining room, even the bathroom.

You can put candles in the hurricane lamps enclosed with the glass. One can decorate with fruit, like Orange slices, dried in the food hydrator or oven, are pretty embellishments for trees or mantels.

You can build pyramids of pomegranates or apples or mandarin oranges. Hang popcorn balls on the trees outside. It is also advisable to put put fresh greenery around the front door.

Birds of Paradise

You can cut the spent Birds of paradise flower and stalk down to foliage level around 6-8 inches above the ground to keep the plants looking neat and tidy.

This pruning should be done only in late winter or early spring after danger of frost is past.

New growth will be vigorous when temperatures warm.

Pruning a Bird of Paradise Plant

I notice that many people in our neighborhood prune the Bird of Paradise Plants back to 6 in. of the ground. Is this a good practice?

Internet and E-commerce

Now-a-days, I find the works more easy using the Internet. Rather people have become accustomed to this revolutionary usage of technology called the Internet. It is making the lives of the poeple more easy and convenient. Almost all the bills are paid through Internet.

Using the internet may sometimes be risky with the fact that the sites posing as branded may dupe the customers by extracting their details, in which they are masters.

Not all the sites pose that type of danger. With the proper knowledge of the usage of internet one can take measures to curb such type of gimmicks and fraud.

I had a good experiece about an online e-commerce site The Flower Expert. It has a good customer service, and it is tied up with Recently I sent a bouquet of 50 Long Stemmed Roses to my niece, in NewYork.

They were very beautiful and they became an instant hit. Now I am looking forward to this Holiday season , and the site offering any holiday packages.

Christmas concerto

Can you tell me that this type of arrangement Christmas concerto an apt one for my fiancee living in Ohio.

This Christmas concerto is an harmonious flower arrangement of scarlet-toned flowers and fresh evergreens. A tall vase accented with ribbon creates a dramatic setting for this striking bouquet.

Holiday Gift Bouquet

I have seen a very good online gift for my financee's family on a flower gifting site, this Christmas holiday.

What would you say, any flower bloggers?

Cozy Christmas Joy

You can send this kind of Christmas Joy for the loved ones. My friend sent me this beautiful Cozy Christmas floral arrangement in 2007., an online flower delivery was simply fastastic. I never expected the flowers to be such freshly arranged. I was bowled by that sites's customer service.

Christmas Joy Wreath

I was looking for an online Christmas Joy Wreath for my house. As I did not want to roam here and there for the Christmas Wreath. I could find that while I was browsing on the Internet and I had a chat with those people.

Their Wreath was exactly what I wanted, which was made up of pine cones, berries, ribbon.

They received me very well very promised me the delivery in time. I am very much impressed and I am eager for the day before Christmas when they would finally deliver the Christmas Joy Wreath.

Christmas and Holiday Flower Tree

Christmas without flowers is something unimaginable. Flowers of course play a major role to boost the energy levels of an individual, no matter which country they belong.

I happened to order a Chrismtas Flower Tree, last Christmas for my brother residing in Texas. My brother liked them and they remained fresh for many days.

This has been a terrific tree-shaped floral arrangement, decorated with berries, bows and more delightful flowers with red colored ribbons tied with lot of care.

You can spread the fragrance of these flowers, this Christmas.

Vancouver Convention & Rose Exhibition Centre

A unique architectural statement combined with a stunning waterfront setting, the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre (VCEC) is the perfect venue for the World Rose 2009 Festival.

The Festival will be housed in the new West Wing - 4 city blocks large with 60% on land and 40% on water - capped with a 6 acre living roof!

A location that delivers all of the excitement and amenities of downtown Vancouver, the VCEC is at the centre of it all. Outdoor terraces cascade onto waterfront parkland and concourses overlook departing cruise ships. Enjoy panoramic views of Vancouver, Burrard Inlet and the North Shore mountains. The harbourfront setting offers unique access to Stanley Park, downtown Vancouver, and the north shore. What a wonderful spot to enjoy the Rose!

World Rose Convention - Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Berry Merry Christmas

There are a wide range of flower arrangements in the form of bouquets, flower baskets, centrepieces, Christmas wreaths, vases to send in this holiday season for the near and dear ones.

Each form of the arrangements, suits for a particular occasion to be gifted Online.

I stumbled upon a site seeming particularly interested in satisfaction of the customers, suited to my requirements. I instantly selected and ordered flowers for christmas. They gave me full satisfaction and I need not specifically say about the freshest of fresh flowers delivered at our doorstep.

Anybody in search of Berry Merry christmas flowers can very well look at this site. I appreciate their customer service, and I am very much satisfied by their prompt and valuable service.

Send Basket of Christmas Emotions

You can send a Basket of Christmas flowers to your loved ones far away from you. Through these online flower delivery, one can express their emotions though a person is physical absent.

Christmas is one of the occasions to send flowers or gifts to dear ones. I sent this one to my colleague which instantly was liked by my friend's family.

For that matter, you can send a Christmas tree, Christmas wreath for those whom you love the most.

The speciality of this one is, it contains Carnations, Mini carnations, Cushion poms, assorted holiday greens in a basket. They are beautifully placed with intermittent greens. The arrangement in the basket looks fabulous.

Online flowers

I visited my aunts house in Miami in December 07. Her son is a private firm employee. My aunt expected him for holiday season in Dec 2007, as I was there with them. But due to some reasons he could not visit Miami. Instead he sent flowers as gift for his parents. They were extremely beautiful red colored Poinsettias in a traditional basket.

The red colored Poinsettia leaves which usually are mistaken as flowers with small inconspicous flowers looked very fresh, beautiful and traditional in a red basket.

Till then I had no idea of the flowers staying fresh for so many days indoors even after Christmas with a little bit of care and patience. When I contacted and enquired him about the flower shop, I was astonished to learn about an Online Flower site.

I saw the glint of happiness in the eyes of my aunt. Then, I thank and congratulate that online flower customer service for their quickness and skill in delivering the flowers.

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