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Flower Blog Archive - November 2008

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Christmas in Offices/Workplace

Christmas and New Year come hand in hand with the celebrations for the whole year. People decorate their homes, churches, workplace or offices.

Decorating the homes has a lot of freedom for creativity and preferences, whereas in the churches and the workplace they have some restrictions. The restrictions are because of the different kinds of people with varied tastes, moods and interests and religion.

The Christmas decoration sets are usually in colors such as silver, gold, and bronze. They also create a classy mood which would be very much appropriate to the venue like corporate and office holiday celebrations.

Christmas tree plays an important role whether its a home, office or a church. Christmas tree is adored with Christmas lights and other seasonal decorations.

Falling in the midst of people with diffferent tastes and the like, its convenient, easy, effortless, aesthetic for the senses if flowers are replaced instead of expensive, decoration items on the walls of the office.

If different kinds of flowers are used in the decoration then the office or a workplace would transform into a place with reflections emitting a festive mood.

Table centrepieces adored at the offices with red and white Poinsettias and Christmas cactus giving the Christmas mood, followed by red and green flowers, foliage and filler flowers would be overwhelming.

When we think of Christmas, the idea of live Christmas wreaths come to mind. Christmas Wreaths made of traditional holiday flowers can be placed at the outer entrances of the office. Each handcrafted Christmas wreath may have Hydrangeas, Roses in them have all the natural beauty of the great outdoors, and a fresh balsam scent.

Fabulous Flower bouquets of similar colored or mixed flower bouquets can be placed at the corners of the walls and the colors of the season would get a reflection in the Christmas office decorations.

Christmas Flower Cake

The delicious Christmas cake with flowers topping on it is iressistible. The idea of it makes the mouth water without the age factor.

My mom is proficient in preparing the Christmas Flower Cake. As she worked in a bakery in her younger days. She used to make the cake, and we children used to decorate with all favourite colorful items.

Let me share with you the procedure in decorating the delicious cake, as Christmas is nearing.

The things needed are : -

a marzipanned Christmas cake; 1 pkt ready-to-roll fondant icing; a plate of caster sugar; a little cornflour; a few rosemary sprigs; a few unsprayed pansy petals; a couple of unsprayed roses petals; 1 egg, white only


  • Cover the Christmas cake in ready-to-roll fondant icing from any good supermarkets.
  • Smooth the icing down.
  • Roll the fondant out on a little cornflour so it does not stick to the board.
  • For cake decorations, crack an egg and separate it and then break the white up with a fork.
  • Dip the rosemary sprigs in the egg white and shake the excess off.
  • Now dip in the sugar until covered.
  • Shake off the excess of this as well.
  • Leave on some greaseproof paper.
  • Similar with pansies and the roses petals and then leave in a dry, cool place over night.
  • Simply arrange the flowers and rosemary on top of the icing.
  • Use ribbon of your choice.

Christmas Flowers in Churches

A church is a great location for a Christmas wedding.

Churches during Christmas are seen as the hub of great activity. They are the prayer places with the fully decorated high walls, with fresh and artificial flowers, christmas wreaths, christmas tree, and table centrepieces.

Everything near and around the churches take a neat, clean and fresh look with lots of decorated flowers for the holiday season. The common things feature angels, snowy scenes, doves, evergreen trees, holly berries and other symbols of the season.

Red and green are great Christmas season colors, but colors like gold and silver can also be used. The tables with centerpieces made with evergreen or traditional Christmas plants such as poinsettia.

Decorate doorways with mistletoe. We can use snowflakes on decorations with white, silver, and midnight blue as your colors. Snowglobes used as part of your centerpieces. Ice sculptures can also be a beautiful addition to your Christmas themed wedding.

Flowers of the holiday season would be poinsettia or holly, as well as other types of flowers in shades of red, green and white for accent.

Christmas Themed Wedding Flowers

The holiday season would be filled with parties and festivities with family and friends, Decorate your home with our beautiful new "Christmas Themed Wedding" decorations, if there is a wedding around Christmas.

You can build with decorations having wedding theme of Christmas. This is a perfect way to give a festive and spiritual touch to your wedding, and there are lots of ways to incorporate the Christmas theme.

Red and green colored flowers like Lilies, Orchids, Gerberas, Anthuriums on the walls hold the christmas, tropical, romantic, festive mood in the house. There is no need to say about the special thing Christmas Tree as the wedding is around the Christmas Festival. Fresh ivy flowers as a garland, loosely circling the tree. Tuck dried flowers, such as hydrangeas, goldenrod, roses or herbs, can be embedded into the branches.

Christmas Wreaths can be decorated on the main door walls in the house.

Flowers used in these christmas themed wedding can be poinsettia or holly, as well as other types of flowers in shades of red, green and white. Tables be decorated with centerpieces made with evergreen or traditional Christmas plants such as poinsettia and christmas cactus, Pine cones, elegant candles, holly berries, flowers, bows, candles.

Wedding bells, and Christmas fragrance reverberates and enhances the senses around the house.

Hawaiian Themed Christmas Decorations with Tropical flowers

Christmas of 2007 was a special one for me, as I myself prepared everything for the Christmas decorations.

A friend of mine, in Hawaii, sent me an easy method for the Hawaiian themed Christmas tree decorations. Let me share with you those easy steps which ultimately brings out the creativity hidden in you. These are the steps:-

String Multicolored lights on your Christmas tree.

Purchase faux flower leis and make a tropical garland by attaching the faux flower leis together.

Get tropical flavored candy canes on the tree, such as pina colada, coconut, tangerine, and lemon-lime, then hang them on your tree.

You can use a grass skirt as your tree skirt.

At the top of the Christmas tree decorate with a bouquet of tropical flowers, such as orchids and lilies.

Finally you can wrap all your gifts in brightly colored Hawaiian-themed wrapping paper, which brings the Hawaiian mood to the Christmas decorations.

Decorate your houses, this season with the tropical flowers Like Lilies, Orchids and feel the Hawaiian fragrance for this Christmas Season.

Some tips on Thanksgiving Turkey

People tend to stumble upon with some mistakes. Here are some of the usual dos and donts pertaining to Thanksgiving Turkey.

1. Do not thaw your prestuffed turkey as it encourages bacterial growth.

2. Stick to USDA-approved Grade A turkey. Older or "mature" turkeys may be cheaper, but "young" turkeys that are under 7 months old are much more tender. Those under 4 months old ("fryers" or "roasters") are even better.

3. Keep your refrigerator with enough space for the turkey.

4. To avoid an emarrassment, you can order a frozen turkey well before time.

5. Organic and free-range turkeys can be picked from the farms.

A Guide to Pick a Thanksgiving Turkey - 2

Thanksgiving Day is the biggest feast of the year. Thanksgiving Turkey is the most popular dish people prefer on Thanksgiving day.

Picking out the best is a task in itself.

Choosing the size of the Turkey: Choose a Size of the Turkey keeping in view the number of guests expecting for the dinner. Here the general rule is 1 to 1½ lbs. of uncooked turkey per person.

Choosing Turkey: Turkeys may be Frozen or Fresh. Frozen: Frozen turkeys need to be thawed before you cook them (for about a day per 4 lbs.; a 12 lb. bird would need three days to thaw), so they require some planning ahead. Luckily, you can purchase them well in advance. Fresh: These turkeys are not frozen. You should only buy one a day or two before you want to cook it; just keep the turkey in the fridge until your oven's ready.

Generally it is seen that, if you would like to avoid the thawing process, you can buy one a day or two before you need to cook it.

Buying Turkey: Most of the turkeys cost about $1-4 per pound, some may even cost you up to $7. It is natural that Older or "mature" turkeys may be cheaper, but "young" turkeys that are under 7 months old are much more tender. Turkeys under 4 months old "fryers" or "roasters" are the best choice.

Organic and Heritage Turkeys are the most prefered turkeys in America.

Types of Turkeys Available in the Market - 1

Thanksgiving, the word itself bring Turkeys to our minds. Turkey is the important feast of the day. There are different types of Turkeys available in the market. They are :-

1. Organic: - These Organic Turkeys are more expensive than others. They are free of pesticide feed and are free of antibiotics and growth hormones. They have strong turkey flavor.

2. Heritage: - These Heritage turkeys are considered as best quality turkey available. Turkeys contain less white meat and more fat than a typical bird. These turkeys are raised on traditional farms and considered best in America.

3. Pre-stuffed: - Pre-stuffed are the frozen turkeys which have stuffing in them.

4. Basted/Self-Basting: - These self-basting turkeys are injected with broth, butter, or other flavoring agents. They tend to be very moist.

5. Natural: - These natural turkeys do not have flavor agents or any other artificial ingredients injected.

6. Free-Range: - These turkeys which had the chance to roam outside while they were alive. People believe that these free-range turkeys even have better flavor.

7. Kosher: - These Turkeys are prepared in accordance with kosher Jewish law, by going through a process that includes being soaked in fresh water and brined in salt.

Beloved Christmas Flowers

My parents and I moved to Philadelphia for job. Reluctantly we went to that place leaving our granny at our native place.

Sending flowers was very important in my life, as they showed my deep love for them in my absence.

I could send flowers for my granny living in New Mexico for Christmas in 2007. Thanks to the Online flower delivery sites, which promptly delivered the flowers to the person, with whom I was till I completed my schooling.

The flowers she loved varied in taste. Sometimes she would choose Birds of Paradise tropical flowers instead of Calla lilies and Carnations, and sometimes very elegant Lilies and Gerberas.

I was in search for the flowers which would match with her tastes. I got them and I was overwhelmed with joy imagining such a fantastic flowers beside my granny. And I recieved the picture which was true to its sense.

This year, although she is with us, I would be present her a flower bouquet as a token of Love for her.

World Rose Convention

International Rose Experts to Speak in Vancouver at the 2009 World Rose Convention on June 18-24, 2009.

The Vancouver Rose Society is pleased to announce the speaker lineup for the upcoming internationally acclaimed World Rose Convention being held in Vancouver from June 18 to 24, 2009. Speakers from all corners of the world will be coming to share their knowledge, research and experience with Convention participants.

The Convention theme is â??Roses in the Landscape,â?? and lecture topics will focus on growing roses within the lands.

Read More..

Thanksgiving Cactus

Schlumbergera truncata is the Thanksgiving Cactus. It is also popularly known as the False Christmas Cactus. It is also referred as, holiday cactus or crab cactus.

In my young days, I presented a Thanksgiving Cactus, to my aunt, as I was an orphan. It was a rememberance of my mother, and I regarded my my mom's sister as more than a mother. Though she was not that rich, she reared me taking the grunts.

In later life, with the fascination towards the plant and its flowers, I startd my career, with the help of my aunt as the grower of Thanksgiving cactus. In just less than a couple of years, I was famous as a Best Thanksgiving Cactus grower of that region.

Now that I have varieties of Cactus, people recognise me and take my help in taking care of this beautiful plant and its flowers. A person even presented a potfull of this excellent flowering plant, which even now stands proudly in my garden.

Our Best Thanksgiving celebrations

Thanksgiving anywhere on the globe is celebrations of a family. Celebration varies from person to person and region to region.

But they are ultimately a grand, delicious feast and thanking god, parents, elders or any one for that matter for all that they bestowed upon.

One thing is for sure, is thanskgiving is most liked by all kinds of people as it shows the emotional bonds and the depth of a person's love towards the other person.

As a single parent, I am more attached towards my teenaged daughter. For the first time, she made me feel at top of the world, when she was awarded the "Best All Rounder Award" at her school.

I could imagine the shine in my daughters eyes. They were showing me, thanks for all the pains and endeavour to inculcate every good thing in the world. Her tears showed the testimony to all that.

What else a mother can ask for..... This was the best Thanksgiving gift from my daughter.

Lincoln and his Thanksgiving gratitude

Lincoln was grateful because events of that year had turned the tide of the Civil War, and it finally looked as if the ruptured nation would see a resolution. Just like the Pilgrims, Lincoln had seen hard times and wanted to express his gratitude to the Lord for providing relief.

He concluded by designating the last Thursday of November as a national day of Thanksgiving in the US.

For the people in US Thanksgiving is a time for merrymaking, shopping, family reunion, feasts and and especially family dinners. People take time to thank God for his constant grace and for all the material possessions they got. Sending flowers like, bouquets, center piceces, flower baskets, gift baskets etc, has become a common gesture for the people global wide.

jasmine plant

star jasmine trachelospermum jasminoides) plant is in a container and now in the house with plenty of light. Why are the leaves dropping?

jasmine plant

Our star jasmine trachelospermum jasminoides) plant is in a container and now in the house with plenty of light. Why are the leaves dropping?

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