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Flower Blog Archive - September 2008

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flowers from puerto rico

Could you please tell me every exotic flower grown in puerto rico? I know the hibiscus is the stste flower but i would like to see others as well. Thank you

Green theme

I am looking for flowers that come in differnt shades of green since I want a variety. I am planning on a green dress so I would like it accent that. I need flowers/berries (no plants) that would be in season in late March.

How should I care for my deck hybiscus tree during the cold winter months?

I live in Central NJ and I have a beautiful hybiscus tree plant. It has thrived in a pot on my deck but soon it will be too cold to leave outside. How should I care for this plant so it will survive the winter indoors? How much sunlight / water / fertilzer and other care is needed? The plant is about 3 1/2 - 4 feet in height

Planting and care of Hyacinths

Want to plant 9 Hyacinth bulbs in a newly constructed flower bed in our back yard. Have read somewhere that they can't be planted in full sun. Our landscape area is such as to allow full sun 6 - 7 hours daily with practicly no shade available big enough to allow adequate growing space for these flowers. Need some guidance and direction please. Thanks.

Planting and care of Hyacinths

Want to plant 9 Hyacinth bulbs in a newly constructed flower bed in our back yard. Have read somewhere that they can't be planted in full sun. Our landscape area is such as to allow full sun 6 - 7 hours daily with practicly no shade available big enough to allow adequate growing space for these flowers. Need some guidance and direction please. Thanks.

sun flower twins

ADVICE PLEASE??? I planted sun flower seeds with my 5 year old son early in the year. 5 managed to grow fully, however one of them split about 4 feet up the main stem creating 2 stems both now have beautiful sun flowers at the top. I always thought sunflowers were solitary flowers so was surprised when we had "twins". Is this kind of thing common? will the seeds from these flowers create more "twins" next year? Your Very amateur gardener Garry 07876 038928

International Horti Fair 2008

The Horti Fair attracts almost 50.000 trade visitors every year from more than 100 countries. They come for the wide range of products and services from around 1.000 exhibitors, who provide a complete picture of the latest developments and future trends in professional horticulture, including technique, supply, trade and services.

Hundreds of new products and services, special theme pavilions and the celebrated quality competition will make the Horti Fair 2008 once more the most complete horticulture trade fair in the world and 'Growing Sustainably' an exhibition theme for our times.

Horti Fair 2008 takes place between the 14th and 17th of October at RAI, Amsterdam.

Money saving flowers for Spring IL wedding

I am excited about my May 24, 2009 wedding. However not excited about the cost of everything!! I am trying to get my research done ahead of time. I live in a SW suburb about 30 miles from Chicago. Can you please tell me what flowers are in season for a May 24th wedding in IL and still attractive and cost effective? I appreciate your help

no flower

My 4 year old planted a flower in a pot for me for a mothers day gift in school. I am assuming it is a marigold. The flower has grown 10-12 inches tall already but no budding or flowers had bloomed yet. I have it in the sun everyday and watered it when needed to keep wet. The leaves are a wonderful green color so I know it isn't 'dead', but she keeps asking me where the flower is and I have no explaination for her or for myself......can anyone help with some advice????

Wintering over an Agapanthus

I planted an Agapanthus in the ground in the Spring & it has flowered beautifully & is just very healthy. I live in NY & fall has arrived. If I leave it in the ground will it come back in the spring or do I bring it inside? If I have to bring it inside how do I care for it?


how do I eliminate anemone flowers from the flower bed - they are invasive!

How to transport fresh flower

i) Ensure your flower is properly cut before trip. ii) Re-cut your flower when you reached your destination and give them fresh water. iii) Wrap flower with tissue paper or paper towel and place them in the flat box and dampen them with spray mister. Bring along spray mister if long journey. iv) Use heavy plastic bag holds in moisture and keep laps and seats dry. Secure bag with string but let flower heads poke out. v) Use handy container like old style mason jar for transporting small arrangement. To protect against spills, wrap the jar with tin foil, crushing the foil gently around the rim (not over the flower heads) then add the raffia bow.

How do i string fresh flowers

i) Using craft scissors, cut desired length of thread for lei plus a few inches to allow for tying. ii) Insert single strand of thread through needle then knot. iii) Using floral shears, cut off entire stem from carnations at the bottom of calyx. iv) Gently insert needle with thread up through center of calyx and bloom. Gently slide carnation down thread, working calyx into center of previous carnation. v) Continue stringing and sliding onto thread, so as not to have space between blooms until desired look is achieved. vi) Remove needle and tie end of thread together. Trim off excess.

How to renew fading flower

i) When flowers starts to show signs of wilting, re-cut the stems under water if possible then submerge flowers in the basin or tub with cool water. Use brick to holds down sturdy stemmed flowers. Give flowers 15 - 20mins of renewal before placing them in the vase with water and flower food. ii) To revitalize a flower, dip its with small amount of vodka for sec then put it back in water. iii) Dip rose stems in peppermint oil before placing them in water. iv) Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to vase water for lilies, anemones and gladioli. v) Drop a pinch of salt into vase water for violets, snapdragons and roses. vi) Mix 2 teaspoons of sugar or lemonade into vase water for asters and delphiniums. vii) Mist the heads of peonies with warm water often. Peonies thrive on humidity and bright light but not direct sunlight. viii) Pull of the wilted outer petals of dahlias. The flower head will be smaller but prettier. ix) To improve the condition of tulips heads, carefully prick the stem with fine needle at point just below the flower head. This will release any air pockets and allow the flower to take in more water.

AIFD Symposium Chicago

People interested in getting to know everything about the latest trends in floral industry, this is the article worth reading.

Hollywood has the Oscars. Sports has the Olympics. And the Floral Design Industry has the AIFD National Symposium, the one place where floral designers from all over the world gather to share the latest trends in floral design! Dutch Creations has supported Mr. Robert Koene with his astonishing show! Watch his masterpieces of work at the videos taken at this unique annual event: the place to be for anybody involved in the floral industry!

AIFD Symposium Chicago: The American Institute of Floral Designers has organized their annual symposium. This year Chicago has been the venue where the top of the crop of US floral designers joined for an outstanding program.

Getting to know some inspiring, international top designers is very easy now. De site is the place where you can find the best floral artists. Interesed to be part of the family?

Dutch Creations are leading breeders of cutflowers and potplant varieties, with the newsletter we have the intention to provide you with information about our varieties and their suppliers.

You can have a look at Dutch Creations

Can you identify this flower?

My fiance and I found this on the ground at the Exposition Park Rose Garden in Los Angeles, California. It was close to a tree that appeared to have the same type of flower on it, but now that I look back on it I really can't be sure. It had a relatively thick, hollow stem and was pretty fragrant.
I couldn't tell if it actually uploaded the picture, so I'll go ahead and put it in here manually. Sorry if there are twelve pictures of this flower...

Any clues? Thanks in advance!

Need a flower that can run on a fence that has a great smell

Hello Need help Please find me a fence runner that will look pretty and smell great. Thank You

One-time Blooming of Oriental Lilies and Peonies?

I bought several oriental lilies (with yellow flowers). When the flowers faded, I deadheaded them. It has been since July since they bloomed, but they have not bloomed again. This is the same case with my peonies. I am new in they only flower once? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Need more informations on flower care.

Hi, I am collecting information on how to take care of flower, anyone has any idea or expert in this area, appreciate to share with me. Thank you.

Sick Lotus Plant

My pond lotus will not grow this year. All new leaves have been small (about the size of a half dollar), then would start browning at the edges, eventually taking over the entire leaf, continuing to get dry and brittle. Now in Septembe the leaves are only about the size of a nickle or dime and continuing to brown and dry. Starting at the edges of the leaf working inward until it dies. Obviously it did not bloom this year. I just started it last year. I wintered it in the bottom of the pond then raised it to the top in the Spring. Any body have any suggestions or thoughts?

Information about "Fare thee well summer" flower.

My mother-in-law loved flowers and recently as the minister delivered her eulogy he mentioned a flower called, "Fare thee well summer." He said it was a small blue flower and the bloom lasted through late summer. I would like to know the information about this flower. I would like to see a picture. I would also like to know if it is a wildflower and where you can purchase the seed. Thank you.

Help With Camellias

I need help with my camellia. I have it in a pot and for a two years it has been doing great. Lately the leaves are turning brown and falling off. I have fertilized it but no help. Thank You.

Jasmine Flower

Jasmine: It has oval shiny green leaves with white flowers that have a beautiful fragrance. My question is: Can I leave the plant out in the garden over the winter? My son gave it to me for mother's day 2006. I brought the plant in the house the first year but after reading about it on this web site and seeing that it can grow from 10 to 15 feet I though perhaps it could be left out. We live in the Barrie, Ontario, Canada area and I just wondered if it would be too cold for it. I need your help. Sally


I have some petite roses that I recieved from my sister that are beginning to grow in the vase does anyone know if you can plant them some how and get them to continue growing.

Identify the flowe name

Can anybody tell the botanical name of Local flower of midwest states in America called "the coat of many colors".


Will my sunflowers grow back again next year or do I have to plant them again and do I have to do anything to them now like cutting them back etc.

whimsical unnamed flower!

my mom bought me this bouquet, and in it were the neatest flowers. before blooming, they resemble a chinese lantern flower, only it's not the petals showing at that point but leaves that envelope the actual flower. they're green and speckled w/ dark purple (kind of like certain lettuce??). and they point downward. only a couple of them bloomed in the vase, and i'm not sure if it was just partial or not. but anyway, as they bloom they push through the leaves. the ones that bloomed began to tilt upward in the process. the NEATEST flowers. really whimsical. if you could help me identify them, it would be great!! oh yeah, i have a pic, too. not the greatest quality, butDSC00942.JPG

Lillies of the Valley

Almost all of the lillies of the valley at my home are a shade of lavender or lilac! There are only a few with the standard white flowers. Almost everyone asks where I got them--but they've been there since I moved in (20 yrs. ago). My mom always thought it was the soil. Do you know why? Is this a different type? Everyone says they've only ever seen white. Thanks for your input.

Red trumpet vine

My 2 year old red trumpet vine has never bloomed. Why? I wanted it to attract hummingbirds.


u know

gerbera pot plant will it ever flower again?

I have a gerbera that has been indoors in a pot for 4 yrs. It was bought as a flowering houseplant but after the first year it has never flowered since. It is healthy and grows well with plenty of large leaves but no flowers. Will it ever flower again? Should I plant it out in the garden for a better chance of flowers or will it die in the winter? Thnks

What kinds of flowers are these

Do you know what kind of flowers these are P9010003.JPG

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