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Flower Blog Archive - April 2008

The Flower Expert welcomes the flower enthusiasts to the special feature - Flower Blogs where the flower lovers can share the knowledge about flowers and flower related topics with the flower admiring community world-wide.

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Mother's day Flowers

roses-and-daisies-basket.jpgMother's day is the occassion to praise your mother by gifting flowers on her special day. Send flowers to your mother on her special day, Mother's day. You can send many types of flower arrangements like Casablanca lily which symbolises Love at first sight.

This lovely Red Roses and Casablanca Lily Arrangement is specially designed with the idea of making this arrangement the ideal gift for your mother. You can send this Red Roses and Casablanca Lily Arrangement to any place of the world internationally.

Send Flowers and Fruit Basket for your Mother

flowers and fruits basket.jpgHere is a story to be told to the flower community. In these days last year, I was in a confusion as to which site was an apt one for me to guide me in sending flowers or rather any gift for my mother on Mother's day.

A friend of mine came to my rescue, and suggested me of this beautiful, lovely site called I can say that, one can really rely on this site for any occassion through sending online flower delivery.

This is one of the best site I have ever come across.

This item consists of health and wealth. Coz, the gift basket consists of flowers for the mother as a token of Love, and plenty of fruits for her healthy living. This makes the gift item more meaningful.

Last year, I had sent this same arrangement, which had been developed by my flower arranger to my mother. She received them as a surprise, which made me feel the joy of my mother residing miles away.

As an avid gardener, love for her plants and flowers shows no bounds. This year also, I am sending the flowers for her to keep store of.

Come along and enjoy the flowers and bountiful of fruits.

Mothers' day

Image of mother's day flowers.jpgMother's day is the ideal occassion to send gift to your mother. You can gift your mother showing all the Love and respect towards her.

Mother's day flowers are the perfect flowers for your mom. Gifts like Mother's day flower arrangments, Mother's day bouquets, Mother's day Gift baskets, Fruits and Flowery baskets, Gift Garden in containers can be given to her.

Using symbolic flowers with traditional meanings, one can put across what one has or want to say without you having to actually say or mumble something.

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday in the UK is the equivalent of Mothers' Day in other countries. Gifting mothers on this day is the traditional one.

Flowers, Flower Arrangements, Flower Bouquets, Flower Baskets are some of the gifts prefered by mothers, as a woman always prefers flowers to other precious gifts.

Carnation is the flower symbolising mothers day. There are many number of flowers like Tulips, Daffodils gifted apart from Carnations.

Now-a-days, sending flowers online to any part of the globe has become a common happening. Sending Mother's day flowers to mother has become a must.

Mothering Sunday has been celebrated in the UK on the fourth Sunday in Lent since the 16th century. For a long time, it has been a day for saying or showing thanks for all the things our mothers gave us.

Mothering Sunday is always the fourth Sunday of Lent. In 2008, Mothering Sunday will be on Sunday 2 March.

Do you know, Why is Mothering Sunday on different days each year?

Mothering Sunday is not a fixed day because it is always the middle Sunday in Lent (which lasts from Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter Sunday).

Carnation Flower

If you have any information for the below question, please let us know the details.

Can someone be allergic to the carnation Flowers?

Marthas's Magic

As a flower lover, I was browsing through the net, when I came in touch with's new launch in their flower arrangements, in cordination with the famous Martha Stewart.

Let us see the details of the facts.

Flower and gift retailer said Monday it launched a Martha Stewart-branded collection of flower arrangements and plants.

The line by Carle Place, N.Y.-based and New York-based Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. was first announced in September.

The flower arrangements utilize seasonal blooms arranged in containers inspired by Martha Stewart's personal vase collections. Fresh-cut flowers are available for same-day delivery through a network of BloomNet Professional Florists. Next-day delivery is available direct from the grower.

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I love watching blooming flower every morning in my little garden.Makes me relax and gives more energy in my life. Really I wanted to grow this hobby as a business.

Planting Tulips in Autumn

Tulips will bloom best when planted in the autumn months before the first frost, typically around October or November.

That means Spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips and daffodils must be planted in the fall or early winter to bloom in spring because they require a long period of cool temperatures to spark the biochemical process that causes them to flower.

When to plant the bulbs:

Ideally, you should plant six weeks or so prior to hard ground frosts in your area to allow ample time for fall root development.

Store the bulbs in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Even if planted late, bulbs will spring into action and try to start root growth.

They are pre-programmed to grow and will do their best no matter how late you plant them.

As a general rule you should make the planting hole two to three times the height of the bulb. Be sure to plant the bulbs the right way: the root system down and the pointed part up.

Ideal Time for Bonsai Planting

bonsai.jpgThe Spring has arrived, so the time for plants to be planted and seeds to be sowed. As it is Spring, I wanted to plant some trees which would not occupy lot of space. Then, Bonsais were my choice.

As I am a bonsai lover, I wanted to give a try. I wanted to learn the details regarding the plants, their nature of growth, their needs and care. This is also the ideal time for planting Bonsais.

Bonsai plants are very similar to Bonsai trees in so far as if you give them a lot of care and attention and keep them healthy you will get a beautiful miniature plant in return.

There are many different varieties of plant that you can use to create Bonsai plants. Some plants require very precise care routines to maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing plant, but regardless of what breed of plant you are using there are some basic guidelines to follow that will keep your plant in condition.

All of the tips will be dependant on the type of plant you buy but are meant as rough guides only. Indoor Bonsai plants will need protection from the elements during cold weather because many of them are tropical or subtropical plants.

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