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Flower Blog Archive - June 2007

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Fathers day 2007 Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Fathers Day 2007 Eassy Contest:

First Prize Winner
Joanne Weck
A Day With Dad

Second Prize Winner
CJ Mouser
Most memorable day with my father

Shortlisted Entries

By Helen Colella

The first prize winner will receive a $75 gift voucher on "Gifts N Ideas". The second prize winner will receive a $50 gift voucher on "Pickup Flowers" and all short listed entries will get 10% Discount on "Gifts N Ideas". Congratulations to all!


Fathers day Shortlisted Essay 2

By Helen Colella

For years, my father struggled with poor health conditions that required his continuous treatment in hospitals. After a valiant battle to overcome them, they finally took over his body and he couldnt fight the irreversible damage any longer. Eventually, the complications from his physical problems, that if listed read like a menu, sent him into a nursing home.

In the last months of his life, we started to talk, really talk, to one another. I felt a unique bonding developing, bringing us closer than wed ever been.

Each time I visited him, I become more aware of his strong spirit; at the same time, I noticed his physical strength wither away. So many times, I couldnt hide my anger over the situation. Its not fair, Dad. Were just getting to know and understand each another.

On one visit, I reminisced about our drive home from Lake Tahoe and having to listen to the same cassette tape, over and over and over.

It has all my favorite Italian songs on it. He reminded me. Especially, Thats Amore.

We laughed remembering how I tried to learn all the words.

One day I talked about how hard it was being the youngest of the four siblings, with strong willed, gregarious brothers. With some trepidation I added, Not to mention a father born of the same nature.

Without hesitation, he nodded his agreement. He did understand after all.

Teary eyed I said, Sometimes I felt left out; like I didnt count.

He patted my hand and emphatically assured me it was not the case. Youre my baby girl and were a family. Everyone counts; all the time.

I know that, now. But you couldnt have convinced me back then.

He seemed to get lost in some private thoughts then added; Just like you not understanding he paused, seeming to search for the right words then said, I believe you called them unreasonable demands and limitations, then accused me of trying to ruin your life. Sound familiar?

I nodded and said, Fussing about fatherly rules and regulations seems so insignificant now.

See, all part of being a family, he said. And like

the song says, thats amore, Amy. He started to sing I had to join in; before long, we were laughing.

Dads gone now, but when I hear the song Thats Amore, I think of him and realize we did share a special father-daughter relationship, all without me even knowing it. Yes, I tell myself. Thats Amore, Amy.


Fathers day Shortlisted Essay 1


Every now and then, if we are exceptionally lucky, we get an enlightened glimpse of growing old or what my family calls decade dust. This can be the setting for understanding one of lifes most poignant foibles, the fear of aging. I think of a recent afternoon spent with my ninety-one-year-old father. He couldnt remember where he put the reading glasses he had been reading with five minutes earlier. Hes been more forgetful since Mother died two years ago. Yet, when he saw me struggling to break a package seal on a bottle of water, he stopped me.

I'll get that for you with my skunk knife, he said. He pulled a tarnished silver pocket knife out of his pocket, opened the blade which had been newly sharpened, and proceeded to cut the seal on the water bottle.

Youve carried that knife my whole life, I said tenderly, but youve never told me why you call it a skunk knife.

Suddenly, the confused eyes that couldnt remember where the reading glasses were brightened and I could sense them reaching back to a time they remembered well. My dad gave me that knife and a small .22 rifle when I was eight, he said in a far away voice. Dad told me never to pull the trigger on the rifle if I could see a cow or a man at the other end. And he told me the knife would keep the skunks away.

Did you ever kill a skunk with the knife? I asked, half joking and half hoping I could keep this conversation going.

No, but I made my spending money killing chipmunks and cutting their tails off. Chipmunk tails were worth $.04 apiece then. The government was paying farmers for silly things like that to keep them in business during the great dust storms. My dad thought I was quite a little businessman. He was proud of me. Those were good times, before the depression hit. The depression changed my dad. He wasnt the same afterwards.

How did he change? I asked but I had missed my chance. I could see the decade dust settling back over the eyes. It would be another day, another memory before I heard the rest of the tale. I knew that Dad would, like me and so many of my friends, continue having trouble remembering the short-term details of day-to-day living. But decade dust or not, Dad remembers the important things, the things that happened long ago, the things that made life significant. Decade dust or not, Dad remembers why he carried a skunk knife his dad gave him at age eight every day for the rest of his life. Dad remembers the things I need to know. And he knows I know it.

Even more important is that Dad knows Ill know how to help my children through lifes foibles. Ill remember what they need to knowâ?¦decade dust or not.

Gifting Fathers on Father's day

As mother's day, Father's day is also celebrated throughout the world. It is celebrated to honour ones father for all the things he had given his children.

There are fathers, single fathers who are more better than the some mothers. They ought to be given importance. Hence fathers day is celebrated by giving gifts on 3 rd sunday of June, in most of the countries of the world.

Giving gifts does not mean that one should spend the money like water to buy gifts for him. A simple gift as Rose, may equal to diamonds.

Remember one thing that, give the present or gift, according to the tastes of your father. The gift presented to him must be useful to him, so that when in use, he remembers you.

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