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Flower Blog Archive - March 2007

The Flower Expert welcomes the flower enthusiasts to the special feature - Flower Blogs where the flower lovers can share the knowledge about flowers and flower related topics with the flower admiring community world-wide.

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Can you identify this flower arrangement?

ikebana arrangement.jpgIdentify this flower arrangement

Asias largest flower market - Delhi

Recently I had been to Delhi. Being a florist, I intended to visit the Delhi flower market. Reaching there, I found that it was the largest flower market in Asia. I also learnt that there were many problems facing the flower market. Here are a few things I wanted to share with the flower community.

The place near Hanuman Mandir in Connaught Place in Delhi hosts what is arguably the largest flower market in Asia, with 99 per cent cut flowers and one per cent marigold travelling up from Kolkata. Brij Mohan Khanagwal, popularly known as Birju Bhai, is the founder of the Connaught Place flower market.

There are two other flower markets in the capital one at Fatehpuri in Chandni Chowk, which specializes in puja flowers and the other at Mehrauli, where one primarily finds marigold with only 20 per cent of the total flowers being cut flowers.

But flower trade is not hassle-free. Corruption, preferential treatment and other unfair practices are common. Still, a license is better than not having one.

The majority of the Indian flowers are in quality with the flowers of europe. But the problems are with improper handling after harvest, unavailability of optimum temperature and moisture conditions during storage and transportation, under or over-packaging leading to damage and wiltering are a few factors which have an adverse impact on the quality of Indian flowers reaching the consumer - both domestic and international.

Identify This Flower

Guess what is this flower??? where in America does this flower grow? jakas.jpg

Beautiful and Attractive Foliage

attractive foliages.jpgRecently at a garden show, I came across the foliages, which were beautiful and attractive. I was elated to see such a grand show in Kansas city.

These foliages stole the show in which some were annuals and some perennials. The Garden Show comprising the foliages was as grand as the Flower shows anywhere.

There were many plants like Silver-splashed pulmonarias Plumerias, miniature maple-leaf shapes of tiarella and heucheralla leaves; they both bloom for a couple of weeks in spring, but the striking, unusual foliage turns heads all summer, small but colorful leaves of heucheras, Japanese painted ferns, ajugas and other perennials were also displayed.

Nontoxic tattoos From China

In China, a company called Wenzhou Luohua Printing Co. Ltd is offering body art tattoos in flower designs.

This company also manyfactures labels, buttons, stickers, and paper and nonwoven bags. It was established in 1990 and exports mainly to the US, Europe and the Middle East.

The products are made of nontoxic materials and applied to the skin using water transfer. They are removed easily and can be placed on any part of the body, including fingernails.

The tattoos measure 20cm long and 10cm wide. The color, size and design can be customized on request.

Tatoos has been said as the ancient art form. People fascinated about the tatoos can have a good sleep, as the dyes or colors used by the people for tatoo preparation, are nontoxic. And i appreciate the work of the company Wenzhou Luohua Printing Co. Ltd. I have not come across such a thing in recent years. Did You?


Landscape Color Schemes

The pictures in this gallery show examples of how to use color effectively in your landscaping. Experience flower colors that excite the senses, and flower colors that help you relax. See examples of how an effective landscape color scheme can compensate for a flaw in your house exterior or, conversely, accentuate a feature you adore about your house. Learn how to create color contrasts with your flowers and inject vibrant colors into even your hardscape projects.

Refrigerating Flowers

Flowers are God's gift, enhances our mood and makes us lively. But they are perishable. The flowers are refrigerated, to keep the freshness of appeal, to the customer and are refrigerated depending upon the type of flower to be refrigerated. And each flower has its own degree of refrigeration.

Refrigeration involves many processes which have to be carried out to make the flowers look fresh as they would be at the time of harvest, when they reach the customer destination.

Refrigerated storage is either short-term (temporary), long-term or frozen storage.

  • short-term: the product is chilled and stored above the freezing point.
  • Long-term: the product is frozen and stored between -12 degrees centigrade and -23 degrees centigrade.

There are different types of refrigerations. They are Natural Refrigeration, Mechanical Refrigeration, Ice Refrigeration, Absorption Refrigeration. As the goods to be refrigerated need different types of refrigeration, thus comes their need.

The processes involving the flower refrigeration are:-

  • Grading and packing is done in an air-conditioned area, where the flowers are cooled for an hour.
  • Carton holes are to be closed with stickers after pre-cooling.
  • Now the flowers are ready to get transported to any destination, but with refrigeration.

Now the cartons are transported keeping in view the distance to be covered for their destination. The fresh flowers sitting in our shelves mutely describes their long distance travel...Read More...

Rescuing Rare plants

A group of local horticulture students plans to extract a variety of rare medicinal plants and herbs from a wooded Fines Creek property set for development and replant them on the grounds of the college and elsewhere.

The Haywood Community College Horticulture Club hopes their efforts will move others to similar action.

Carolina Least Trillium is listed as endangered by the N.C. Department of Agriculture. Other plants to be rescued are considered rare or threatened by some environmental groups due to their scarcity within the state.

George Thomas, a horticulture instructor at the college, said this is the first time students in his department have gotten involved in preserving native plants.

It is important for people to be aware of the different types of rare plants and help them in their propagation.

I opine that these rare plants are to be identified, propagated which helps our ecosystem in maintaining the balance, which is the need of the hour. Read More....

Poisonous spring flowering bulbs

The most beautiful spring flowers are poisonous, including flowering bulbs like Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Easter Lily, Tiger lilies, Calla lilies etc.

Lily bulbs are commonly used in a variety of recipes as some are edible. The edible bulbs are used as a health food, fried and in soups. The root bulbs are similar to potatoes. Onions, garlic and asparagus fall under the liliaceae family. However, certain species are poisonous too. Lilies are wide spreading flowering plants spread to many regions, Europe, Asia, Japan, India, Philippines, and the U.S. Red or Tiger lily, Easter lily, and Japanese lily are some of the types.

Some of the poisonous nature of the spring flowering bulbs are:

  • Tulips: Though, Tulip bulbs are a good replacement for onions in cooking, should be used minimum.
  • Hyacinths: Hyacinths give out a strong perfume which may be irritant to some.
  • Daffodils: Daffodils are not only poisonous to people and animals, they are even poisonous to other plants. When you place them in a bouquet of flowers, the other flowers will wilt. So if you give your mom daffodils for Easter, keep them in a vase by themselves.
  • Narcissus: The Narcissus flower has also a very strong perfume which can make people sick.

By knowing all the above facts and factoids, it is clear that spring flowering bulbs, though are every beautiful to look at, are dangerous to humans, animals and co-existent plants. Therefore should be avoided to the maximum....Read More

Interview with Amy Stewart, a flower expert!

Amy Stewart is an expert on flowers and she has written three books on flowers. In her recent book 'Flower Confidential', she gives us a clear view of the behind the scenes of the flower industry.

For example, consider the simple question of where your flowers come from. The answer could be, 'from thousands of miles away, in Latin America'. When we look at the reasons for why a country like Ecuador is more suitable for growing flowers than the United States, we get to know that there are favorable factors like the possibility of year-round cultivation and lower labor costs.

It is also insightful to know that under refrigeration, flowers remain fresh for two or three days. That is how they are transported thousands of miles without any loss in their freshness!

In this New York Times Bestseller book, Amy Stewart gives a deeper picture of the flower industry, the environmental and the economic aspects of the floral industry, and the future prospects of the industry. Certainly a book to grab if you are interested in the world of flowers!

Here is an interview with Amy Stewart brought to you from AbeBooks!

Unknown flower

This is a red flower that I found in about the beginning of may last year, so it has sort of darkened now. I was wondering if anyone could identify the name of the flower for me. red flower.jpg

What is a noxious Weed?

What is a noxious weed?

The term "weed" means different things to different people. In the broadest sense, it is any plant growing where it is not wanted.

Weeds can be native or non-native, invasive or non invasive, and noxious or not noxious. Legally, a noxious weed is any plant designated by a Federal, State or county government as injurious to public health, agriculture, recreation, wildlife or property. A noxious weed is also commonly defined as a plant that grows out of place (i.e. a rose can be a weed in a wheat field) and is “competitive, persistent, and pernicious.”

What is the difference between invasive plants and noxious weeds?

They are different. Invasive plants include not only noxious weeds, but also other plants that are not native to this country. The BLM considers plants invasive if they have been introduced into an environment where they did not evolve. As a result, they usually have no natural enemies to limit their reproduction and spread. Some invasive plants can produce significant changes to vegetation, composition, structure, or ecosystem function.

There are some criteria for the designation of a noxious weed. They are :-

  • 1. It must be present in but not native to that area;
  • 2. It must be potentially more harmful than beneficial to that region;
  • 3. Eradication must be economically physically feasible;
  • 4. The potential adverse impact of the weed must exceed the cost of control.
For further information....Read More

Plans for Mothering Sunday


Mothering Sunday is around the corner. What are you guys going to do? For guys on the other side of the Atlantic, let me tell you that we do it a bit different here in the UK.

We are mainly into food kind of gifts - nothing like a very good fruitcake made for mother. But things are becoming more global here too! We are also looking at carnations and other flowers.

As a part of folks' attempt to show their love in novel ways, they also give lilies, daisies, roses, and irises.

Anthuriums, orchids, hibiscuses, hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils are also not far behind..

What I'll get for my mum this March 18th are a nice fruitcake, a bunch of tulips, and DVDs of the hilarious Wodehouse series on Wooster and Jeeves.

What is a Monkey Flower?

monkey flower.jpgMimulus or the Monkey Flower is a genus of nearly 150 species, distributed worldwide but are particularly common in western North America. They are placed in the family Phrymaceae.

Diplacus is the genus derived from the Mimulus. They are called monkey flowers due to the fact that when you squeeze them at the lower part of the flower, the flower opens, doing so repeatedly, gives the humorous illusion of a monkey.

The plants have opposite, undivided leaves and solitary flowers with a two-lipped open corolla (fused petals).

Some Mimulus species are annuals that appear only when there is a source of constant moisture, seasonal creaks, seeps, ponds etc. Mimulus species are more herbaceous and often shorter.

Diplacus species will often survive drought by going summer deciduous. Diplacus species are erect and woody in their growth habit.

Some of the species of Mimulus are Mimulus cardinalis, Mimulus rigens (Monkey Flower), Mimulus alatus (Winged Monkey Flower), Mimulus lewisii(Lewis Monkey Flower).....Read More

Gardening Video: Learn How to be a Gardener?

The Flower Expert team came across a very good video on gardening. The video, an eight-part BBC series titled How To Be A Gardener?, made by Alan Titchmarsh, is an excellent source of gardening-related information.

The video covers all the essential things every gardener, both the beginner and the master, needs to know. Make use of this wonderful video to learn the basics and to strengthen your knowledge of gardening - in just four hours!

This piece of information is presented to you as part of The Flower Expert's commitment to bringing you comprehensive information about flowers and gardening. This video is the latest addition to our collection of the best and the most informative videos on gardening and floral arrangements. It is expected to have a high educational value and to make your gardening experience a lot more interesting and pleasant!

The Most Beautiful Flower I've Ever Received...

Leaving in a tropical island of the Philippines, seeing a tulip would be a miracle... I really like that flower... But these beautiful creation require a period of cold... Sigh... But... a beautiful surprise came along one day... "...Having received the most beautiful work of art from... my crush..." A flower drawn by him... No, it was not a tulip... It was more than a tulip...

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