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Roses again? I'm leaving you...and she did!

Folks, think out of the box more often.

In other words, stop gifting your loves with roses!Couple Screaming

if you can think out of the box, you will land the right jobs, take the right investment decisions, and your significant other will be with you longer.

A guy and his girlfriend quarrel big time. They yell and scream. Murder threats are uttered!

A few days later comes Valentine's Day. The guy approaches the girl with a bunch of roses. Still in an extremely annoyed mood, she throws the bunch at him. Later during a stroll with her friend, she sees lilies in the garden and wonders aloud as to why guys always gift roses and not something as natural as a handpicked lily from the garden.

Trust me - the above scene from a Teen movie is NOT too bizarre to be true! I had a similar experience back in college.

My first ever serious relationship. As an expressive lover, I wrote poems for my girlfriend regularly. So regularly that a few weeks after we started dating, she would stretch her palm out toward me for that sheet of note book paper, with a bored expression. For two years, I gifted her with red roses and chocolates on Valentine's Day. I took her to restaurants during weekends - Italian, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Greek, you name it. As I had read in books, I always paid the bill when I took her out.

This was why it was such a shock for me when she left me. I played the whole episode in my mind a hundred times over and still couldn't figure out why she did that to me.

Time went by and I fell in love with a really wonderful woman and eventually married her. Still the questions from my first serious relationship lingered. What exactly had gone wrong?

Years later, my wife told me something that opened my eyes. She told me that I was always very rigid about the way I did things. My nature is that once I get into a routine, I stick to it religiously. To add to it, I always felt that bookish answers were the correct ones. Yes, she had hit the nail on the head. I realized, although a little late, that roses were partly responsible for my failures.

To my mind, roses symbolize all those run-of-the-mill things that a lot of people unquestioningly accept as truth.

Roses, in real life and in movies, cause girlfriends to get angry and leave.

As part of my thinking-out-of-the-box exercise, I started taking a different way home. Started listening to new types of music. Having learned from my mistake, I even asked the neighborhood teenager to gift his girlfriend with something other than roses.

The latest I heard from him was that my advice was useful.

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