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Choosing a Right Florist

It was only after I became a florist that I realised what mistakes I had been making for the previous 20 years as a flower lover. And those days, things were easier, you could actually walk into a shop and see, feel, smell the competence of the florist. Not now days. Now days you have 3 billion websites with pretty images of the florist’s work, self- praising hers/his floral designing ability, colour co ordination and natural genius symmetry. And that’s when the confusion starts. They all look the same to you, you don’t know if the images are genuine and you cannot be sure of the florist’s experience to deliver what you need on the day. Your BIG DAY.

So I would strongly recommend the following tips which will guide you to choosing a good florist and not a headache, after all flower displays are a big and very vital ingredient of today’s lifestyle and could make or brake your upcoming event, let alone your pocket. In other words, use the internet to your advantage, to be able to enjoy a worldwide choice, not to be seduced into a catastrophic expensive mistake.

You must always make an appointment and meet the actual person who will be dealing with your event, you might like the photos but not her/his personality, it is important to like and feel comfortable with the person.

Have all your questions ready, not just “How much?” but “How long have you been designing, How big is your team, Where do you buy your flowers from, Who was your last client, Can we get a reference?? so you can establish the credibility of the florist before you commission your most important day to her/him.

Take a look at her/his shop, the way they display their shop or workshop will give you more inside into her/his artistic ability. Do you feel good, comfortable with the surroundings?

Do not agree on anything, or place a deposit on viewing photos alone. A good florist will provide you with a sample of the design/arrangement or display so you can physically touch and see the size, the colour the quality of the flower, the method it has been arranged, the container that has been used as it will be you who will be paying for all of it.

Remember a good florist is one who can make magic out of £20 worth of flowers not just out of £500 per display. Of course you don’t expect her/him to give you roses for the price of daffs but it must be your choice to use cheap or expensive flower. Cheap flowers can be made to look beautiful if put together with flair. So don’t tolerate snobbishness and arrogance, you are not asking for favours, you are paying for the services, but do remember you will only get what you are paying for, as florist have to make a living too.

Take note that a good florist will make it easy for you, answer all your questions before you even think about them. A good florist will refuse to undertake a commission before meeting you and a good florist will know your style by taking one look at you. A good florist will accommodate you according to your style, theme, taste and most importantly your budget.

Lastly, a good florist will be the one who once you agree on the final details will make you forget about the worry of the flowers, and give you no headache, just pure angelic bliss on the day, a day to remember.

Joanna, Out of the Bloom

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