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Flower Blog Archive - April 2006

The Flower Expert welcomes the flower enthusiasts to the special feature - Flower Blogs where the flower lovers can share the knowledge about flowers and flower related topics with the flower admiring community world-wide.

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Start Summer Bulbs Now...

Begonias, Eucomis or pineapple lily, cannas and calla lilies are all tender bulbs that can be started now. Summer bulbs such as cannas, calla lilies, begonias, dahlias and gloriosa, are among the most dramatic flowers in the summer garden. They’re very easy to grow, but they’re also very sensitive to frost. In fact, in the trade, they’re called tender bulbs.
But tender bulbs respond incredibly well to a little tough love. Wake them up early and get a jumpstart on summer by potting them up indoors. Summer bulbs are available as bare bulbs for planting through late spring — check your local garden centre, or even your grocery store. Read More...

Beauty Unseen

The flowers that bloom in the spring, to most of us, are the same flowers that as children we eagerly gathered in woods or Grandmother's garden—violets and buttercups, daffodils and tulips. Big, bright, brave blossoms that are pleasant to look at and easy to see.
Yet the woods in spring are full of other blossoms that most of us never take the trouble to look at, but that nevertheless are of surpassing beauty if we were not still as much in a hurry, and as little in patience, as the children we once were. The tiny flowers of the trees are almost ignored. But even the best of pocket magnifiers would fail to give whole views of many things; their field is too limited. Also, many of the things we see, whether with the naked eye or with an enlarging lens, need interpretation unless we are veteran naturalists ourselves. Read More...

Coneflower Central

Purple coneflowers have been a staple of the high summer garden for decades -- if you didn't love it for its droopy mauve-pink petals and prominent, spiky cone, you loved it for its dependability and ease of care.
Until recently, the Plain Jane species, Echinacea purpurea, was the one most commonly planted. Familiar? Yes. Exciting? Maybe not. But how can you complain about an undemanding plant that blooms for six weeks or more, attracts droves of butterflies and thrives without much fuss? The unimproved species may always have a fan club, but since the mid-1990s, plant breeders have given echinacea a fashion makeover. It's as though the pigtailed girl next door resurfaced with a designer wardrobe, a high style hairdo and makeup worthy of a Hollywood close-up. Sporting a whole new look, the latest hybrids have coneflower-lovers all shook up.
First came variations on the theme of pink and, more rarely, the naturally occurring white form. 'Magnus,' a new cultivar that carried its petals flatly horizontal, rather than drooping, was the Perennial Plant Association's Perennial of the Year in 1998. The dwarf 'Kim's Knee High' and its white companion, 'Kim's Mop Head,' both developed at Niche Gardens of North Carolina and named for grower Kim Hawks. She introduced a more compact plant growing just 15 to 24 inches high. Entering the trade in 1999, these cultivars were a boon for smaller gardens that couldn't accommodate the species, which can top out at 5 feet. Read more...

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