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Flower Trivia

Image of Potted TulipsFlowers is not just about biology. There are numerous trivia associated with each flower that includes interesting, mindboggling, amazing and fun facts, as well as legends and myths. And, to begin, here's a trivia on trivia: Trivia is the plural of 'Trivium' and a synonym of trifles!

A Cornell University horticulturist has found that giving diluted alcohol to some potted plants stunts the growth of leaves and stems but doesn't bother the blossoms. That's a good thing, if you don't want the flowers to get so tall they flop over.You can use whiskey, vodka, gin or tequila -- or even plain ethanol. But wine and beer don't work! The alcohol has to be diluted with water to a concentration of four to six percent.

The study focused on Paperwhite Narcissus and other Daffodils but there were promising results with Tulips. If you want to try it, add one part 80-proof liquor to seven parts water. Wait until Daffodil shoots are several inches tall before applying the diluted alcohol.

Here are some very interesting trivia on flowers. Enjoy them!!

Archaefructus sinensis

  • Archaefructus sinensis is considered the world's oldest flower. Scientists discovered the flower fossil in north-east China, dating back to 125 million years ago. The Fossilised flower resembled the modern water lily.


  • The Agave flower stem is fermented to make the popular Northern Mexican wine called Pulque.

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Bamboo Flowers

  • Flowering bamboos do not always die; although many do - especially in the case of gregarious flowering (the bamboo clumps flower all at the same time only once in the plants' lifetime).
  • When the bamboo flowers, famine, death and destruction will soon follow, goes a traditional saying in Mizoram, the tiny hill state in north-east India.
  • Every 48 years, the bamboo forests that cover a third of the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram bloom and flower. The plants cast off seeds, which are devoured by a plague of rats which come out to feast and multiply. Once the flowering is over, the rats turn their attention to cultivated lands, destroying crops, spreading disease, and causing famine.


  • After it rains, a drop of water stays on in each bonnet or bowl-like petals of the Bluebonnet.


  • Carnations are the best selling Cutflowers around the world.


  • The Chrysanthemum flower has been known since before 5000BC in a small yellow form.
  • Some countries (such as Malta) believe that it is unlucky to have the flower indoors. It is associated with funerals and All Saints Day.
  • But, Feng Shui adherents believe the Chrysanthemum brings laughter and happiness to your home!


  • The Daffodils's sap contains sharp crystals that protect the flower from grazing animals.

Easter Lily

  • Easter Lily is the traditional flower of Easter and is joyful symbol of beauty, hope and life.


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