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Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy 1Almost everyone has heard the word 'fairy' used in day-to-day conversations. For example, every little girl dreams of someday having a 'fairytale' wedding. And of-course, the tooth fairy, as told by many children, says that if we tuck a lost tooth under our pillow, it would get secretly exchanged in the night for a coin or dollar.

From time immemorial, fairies have existed in the beliefs of various cultures. Some of the most intriguing and intricate fairy tales come from the ancient Celts. Although each culture had their own definition of how fairies looked and what their temperament was, the fairies always were considered magical, winged creatures with one tiny foot in the spirit realm and another in our earthly realm.

Flower Fairies look like beautiful human children, but with pointy, elfin ears, dreamy eyes and wings like that of a butterfly. Fairies come in all shapes and sizes, but the Flower Fairies are amongst the smallest of all fairies, ranging in height from 10 to 15 cm.

Flower Fairies are nature spirits who care for flowers, plants and trees. Each Flower Fairy has a distinctive personality derived from her plant, which defines her aesthetic, mood and character. The evocative 'song' each Flower Fairy sings, helps convey the 'spirit' of her flower.

The renowned British artist Cicely Mary Barker created more than 150 Flower Fairies and poems, each a brilliantly conceived tableau combining fantasy with plant lore, drawing the reader into a peaceful secret world, where invisible Flower Fairies busily work and play in the flower beds, meadows and forests. Botanically accurate, her delicate watercolors and evocative poems are not only visually stunning and charming, they are informative too.

Other contributors to the art of flower fairy include Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, Linda Biggs, Myrea Pettit, Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly, Sue Miller, James Browne, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Marc Potts, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Beth Hansen, Paulina Stuckey and Suzanne Hyland.

The Fairy Code

Fairies hold certain values in high esteem, & these attributes comprise the Fairy Code. Even the naughtiest fairies abide by these rules in their dealings with other fairies, though not necessarily when interacting with humans. The fairy code goes as follows-

Always try to...

  • Be Cheerful
  • Be Neat
  • Be Polite
  • Be Friendly
  • Work Hard
  • Be Generous
  • Be Honest
  • Keep Secrets
  • Be Kind
  • Be Humorous

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