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Flower Questions Answered

It is quite natural that all of us have questions or doubts on many issues. The Flower Expert, besides providing comprehensive information on flowers and flower related topics, makes an effort to answer such questions about flowers.

Questions to be answered

All the flower lovers can answer these questions recently posted to The Flower expert.

Please send your questions and answers to . Your answers will be published on The Flower Expert with your name.

Rose variety

By Jo: Is there a rose variety with the Name Jo Or Joanna in its name?

Planting Tulips

By Richard Vannice: If tulips are planted in containers should they be dug before planting annuals or can they be left for next season?

Gerbera Daisies

Misty Farrow: Can a gerbera daisy wedding bouquet be preserved?

Removal of pollen from the flowers

By Suzie Huddleston: Doesthe removal of the pollin in lillies actually extend the life of the flower?

Color Combinations

By Mary Beth: Could you please tell me what color flowers you recommend with chocolate brown dress tied with a tiffany blue ribbon? They wedding is in April.

Victorian Era Flowers

By Dionne Wilkinson:How did floral design and colour inspire the Victorian Era?

Largest Flower

By Sam: Do you know the largest flower?

Unknown Red Flower

By April: Looking for the name of a flower. It is similar to bird of paradise, but deep plummy red. It is on a thick stalk which is also red. Kind of curves down at the top.

Frangipani flower buyer

By Wendy: Do you know of any fragrance companies that buy frangipani flowers?

Alternative for pink peonies

By Lory: I centered my April wedding around Pink Peonies (for the cake, bouquets, etc) only to find out that they aren't quite in season. Is there another flower that can substitute which looks similar in size, shape, and color?

Significance of central location of pistil in a flower

By Donna: Why is the central location of the pistil important?

Bookmarks of California Poppy

By Brown: where to buy bookmarks showing the California Poppy?

We request all the browsers of The Flower Expert to share their views and answer the questions posted by other browsers. Your answer would be posted on the website under your name.

Flower Questions Answered

The Questions to The Flower Expert Answered.

Glad Bulbs

By Bob:is it normal to have three different shads on one stem as this in the pics kind.

Answer By The Flower Expert:The older glad bulbs sometimes change their color. Its a little bit rare thing, but sometimes happens.

Vermiculite Uses

By Some One:I live in Orange County, CA and have an 10 year old Spathodea about 25 feet high which has never bloomed.

Answer By The Flower Expert:Probably the soil where the African Tulip Tree, is standing is high in nitrogen as that would help grow only the green foliage but not flower buds.

Try using Vermiculite and perlite which are commonly used, and are natural products.

For Sunflower Heads Blooming

By Valerie:My Sunflower Heads Started Turning Brown, What Should I Do?

Answer By The Flower Expert:Give sunflowers at least 1 inch of water a week. Do not over water or over fertilize.

You need to fertilize sunflowers monthly with a 10-10-10 liquid fertilizer or a handful of compost mixed into the top 1/2 inch of soil.

Did you observe any type of white powdery mildew or any pests as such near or on the plants.

Marigold Bud Stems

By Susanne:My Marigold bud stems are elongated and do not open like they used to.What could be the cause of the flowers to stop blooming?

Answer By The Flower Expert:Are the plants in darkness for a few days.

Because if the plant sits in darkness strong stem elongation, but no flowering happens.


By Shezell:My daughter planted some marigolds this year.Is there anything I can do at all to save the flowers?

Answer By The Flower Expert:Once the flowers and plants fade away after the flowering finishes, then nothing can be done to save the flowers. They get naturally wilted after few days. Try the plants some water, if they come up then its fine.

Reused coffee grounds are a great for gardening plants.

Try putting the coffee grounds, but i dont think they may survive.

Coffee grounds can be used for Acid loving plants like marigolds,roses, azaleas, gardenias, ferns, rhododendrons, lily-of-the-valley. You can use them.

If you have marigold seeds then try them, as they sprout quickly and come up very soon.

Best Way To Trim Jasmines

By Izzie Cooper: I have a jasmine now about 8 years old, she has just finished flowering and is getting a bit out of hand, very bushy on the fence but chucking out extra bits all over the place, could you please advise the best way to keep her in trim. I have lost her name card but i call her Jazzie, she has bright limish green leaves and is absolutely beautiful. When can i trim them.

Answer By The Flower Expert: You can trim the jasmine plant in late spring.

Morning Glories Are Poisonous

By Guest: I am wondering if morning glories are poisonous to dogs?

Answer By The Flower Expert: Yes, Morning glory is a poisonous flower. It is poisonous to dogs. Stomach upset, halucinations. AYes, Morning glory is a poisonous re seen among dogs.

Spath Plant Blooms Turn Brown

By Frustrated Chuck: My Spath plant looks great, but the blooms turn brown, NOT the leaves. It's a variegated Spathiphyllum. What am I doing wrong, what's happening, to make the blooms only turn brown?

Answer By The Flower Expert: Probably the variegated Spathiophyllum flowers have faded after blooming thus showing the color brown flowers. This idea can be reached because of the healthy foliage.

Keep Flowers Cool Without Refrigeration

By Guest: I need to arrange the flowers on Friday and deliver them on Saturday. How can I keep them cool without refrigeration so they don't wilt. I thought about keeping them in the basement where its in the high 60's right now. What else can I do?

Answer By The Flower Expert: You did not specify the names of flowers to be kept cool without refrigeration. Though, it is also seen that if we keep flowers and put them in ice water, they will last longer than if you put them in luke-warm water. The water should not be too cold, though, you could damage the stem. The water should reach the correct temperature. Then you can keep the flowers in the basement as you said to remain fresh.

Cause For My Jasmine Not To Bloom

By Jeni: What would cause my jasmine not to bloom? They are growing fine but have not bloomed since I first planted them in May. They did have blooms when I planted them.

Answer By The Flower Expert: You can feed your flowering jasmine plant with a liquid fertilizer that's low in nitrogen while the plant is actively growing. Feed bi-monthly when the plant is resting. Then it flowers well.

Lush Morning Glory Plants

By Lila: I have three large, lush morning glory plants in different areas of my yard. None have any buds or blossoms. Why?

Answer By The Flower Expert: Give a little compost or a slow release organic fertilizer mixed in with a quality soil to your Morning Glories. If you give too much fertilizer, you'll get lots of green and very few flowers.

Magnolia Bush Blooms Every Spring

By Guest: My magnolia bush blooms every spring before the leaves show. This year however it is blooming again from mid july thru the first of august. Do magnolias normally do this?

Answer By The Flower Expert: Some magnolia flowering plant flowers right at the start of spring before even foliage appears. But some varieties start flowering in late spring and early summer.

Will Daffodils Still Bloom Next year

By Mark Johnston: This is my first year growing daffodils. My state is Louisiana and this is May getting hot and the leaves are looking like they have had enough. I am wondering if it is ok to mow the tops and still get blooms next year.

Answer By The Flower Expert: If you remove the leaves prematurely, the bulb will suffer and blooming will decrease or stop altogether. So, wait until the foliage turns yellow.

Best Time Of Year To Transplant Established Iris

By Pat: What is the best time of year to transplant established iris? After blooming and before fall?

Answer By The Flower Expert: Though, the best time to transplant established Iris is 2-3 weeks after they finish blooming.Usually, Irises need to be cut back in late July or early August. Cut them back to 4-5 inches tall. By this act, the leaves continue to feed the roots but makes your garden look neater. Remove any spent or damaged leaves.

What Fungus Looks Like On Plants

By Barb: I'm not sure what fungus looks like on plants but the stems are definitely brown and I haven't seen any insects. Lots and lots of ants this year though. I'm hoping they'll come back next year and that I won't lose them all or you might see a grown woman cry! Thanks for your help.

Answer By The Flower Expert: There can be various types of fungus on plants. Like mildew, which may appear on houseplants, garden vegetables and other vegetation. This fungus can retard plant growth or even kill the plant.

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