Growing Outdoor Bonsais and their Care

Outdoor plants:

Image of outdoor bonsais Bonsai trees and plants are pruned and trimmed to keep their size minimal. The bonsais trees and plants relish the practise as they get a lot of care and attention and have a lifespan similar, even greater in some cases, than their wild counterparts.

Outdoor Bonsai can be grown in a small area of your garden, and some of the most healthy Bonsai in the world are outdoor Bonsai.

The Requirements for the growth of Outdoor plants –

  • Water:During the growth period, watering is essential.
  • Water the plant daily whenever you feel that the plant needs water.
  • Check the water level by poking your finger down in the soil about an inch. If the soil is dry, water thoroughly so the water flows out from under the container.
  • For an Outdoor bonsai tree to survive in winter, water when temperatures are 45 or above.

Fertilizer: During growth season, you would fertilize every two weeks but never in winter for outdoor trees.

Trimming and pruning: Any excess growth would be trimmed away using special trimmers or sharp shears for deciduous and tropical trees. Best is to cut at an angle just above the leaf. To trim evergreen trees, you would simply pinch back any excess foliage growth. Outdoor bonsai trees need to be pruned and repotted.

Care for Outdoor Bonsais:

  • Do not allow your bonsai to dry out.
  • Give water in the morning so that the plant does not get infected with slugs and diseases.
  • Spray the leaves, branches and water the plant, and then again water it the third time ensuring theat the plant will flush impurities out.
  • Submersion in a watering tub is best, but overhead watering is fine.
  • In summer water it every day, in winter perhaps twice a month.
  • Then give a slow release fertilizer and in addition using liquid fertilizer every other week during the growing season from April to October.

Pruning: Pruning is essential for the whole lifespan, preferably doing in winter.

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Winter care for the Outdoor Bonsais

Winter care for your bonsai is simple. Keep them outside under cover. Protection from temperatures below freezing is necessary. Keep in an unheated room until temperatures increase.

Pest problems: The most common insect problems come from aphids and mites. Spray these with soapy water. Slugs can also be a problem, check the bottoms of pots, collect and drown them in a bucket of soapy water.

Most important to remember. Do not bring an outdoor Bonsai indoors for longer than one day every season. Bringing your Bonsai in during the winter and putting it next to the blazing hot heater is going to scorch the leaves and the roots, and your plant will probably die from dehydration.

So also that it is true that, bringing a Bonsai in from the heat and leaving it next to the Air Conditioning unit, makes the plant shock frost in summer and will eventually kill your Bonsai.The Requirements for the growth of Outdoor plants.