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Glory of The Snow


Glory-of-the-Snow (Chinodoxa) is a beautiful flower which looks wonderful in rock gardens, under trees and mixed in among other miniature Spring bulbs. In light shade they can bloom up to 3 or 4 weeks. The name Glory of the Snow is derived from the Greek words chion, meaning snow and doxa meaning glory.


Glory-of-the-Snow is best suited for cold weather. It peeks out in the coldest weather to welcome Spring. There are up to 8 to 10 1 inch flowers to each short 6 inch stem, in a sparkling violet-blue with a white center. There are two or three slender basal leaves per bulb, with a single flower stalk no taller than about 6 or 8 inches. They grow in forests and on mountains, and bloom in early summer as the last snows melt.

Facts About Glory of the Snow

  • Racemes of star-shaped flowers appear above linear, mid-green, basal leaves. In milder climates, they bloom earlier than in their native habitats, in early spring.
  • Chionodoxa Glory-of-the-Snow is so-named because in some climates it blooms early enough that it pokes its little bright blue six-petalled flowers right out of the snow.
  • This appealing Glory-of-the-snow plant can be grown in rock gardens, raised beds or troughs, or under shrubs or trees where they can spread. They self-seed freely.
  • Chionodoxa is closely related to, formerly categorized as a Scilla.
  • These are the natives of western Turkey, and were first described in 1877.

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Growing Glory of the Snow

  • Glory of the the Snow plant needs a Gritty and well-drained soil with full sun.
  • Plant bulbs 1 - 3 inches apart, 3 inches deep in to the soil.
  • Chionodoxa forbesii is generally free from pests and diseases.
  • Sow seed in containers in a cold frame as soon as ripe. Remove offsets in summer.

Glory of the snow plant care

  • Plant them in early Fall. Glory-of-the-Snow do not need much care after they are planted, usually after sowing seeds they slowly spread in the garden.
  • The bulbs rot when using fertilizers excessively high in nitrogen or fresh manure, wet soil conditions, or by poor quality, bruised or cut bulbs.
  • Keep the bulbs safe from few insect or disease problems.

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