Container Gardening

ContainergardeningGrowing plants to make a healthy garden landscape is an art form called as Gardening. Broadly, there are 4 types of gardening. They are Outdoor Gardening, Indoor Gardening, Water Gardening, and Container Gardening.

Anything that holds soil, and having holes in the bottom for drainage used as a container is called as Container gardening. Containers can be anything like which can be of various shapes and sizes and could be made of metal, clay, wood etc.

Container gardening is usually undertaken in atriums and on balconies, patios, and roof tops. One can use any of thier own vessels and make holes to it so as to use as it as a container for gardening.

Tips to successful container gardening

  • Choose the Right Container: Plant the plants in containers that are large enough for the plants. The best container is that which is one or two sizes larger than the plant to be planted in the container, which allows the plant to grow really healthy in the new place.
  • Choose the Right Plant and Location: Most important decision is, what to plant in compatibility with your chosen location. In general, most container gardens need at least five hours of direct sunlight each day. So plant the best suited plants which get the required amount of sunlight.
  • Choose the Right Soil and Fertilizer: Another key to container gardening is using quality soil. It is better to buy high-quality potting soil, preferably with fertilizer built in, to plant your plants for your container garden. As the yard soil may contain diseases or pests which infect the new plants.

Growing Plants in Containers

  • Watering: Watering the plants is the most important part of the container gardening, as different plants need different amounts of water.
  • Exposure to Sun: Plants planted in the containers also face a problem of sun exposure, therefore they need water more.
  • Soil: Planted soil should be of good quality. So that plants thrive healthily.
  • Limited space: Plants planted in the containers face a problem of space constraint, as plants mature and roots crowd the container. So the container size and plant size should be put in mind before planting.

Facts About Container Gardening

  • The origin of container gardening is, China where Bonsai was started and it is also visible in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
  • Container Gardening can be done in almost any part of the country, keepng in view the climatic changes of the plants.
  • Container gardening is to create instant color for your outdoor party, bar-b-que, or wedding.
  • Container gardening gives quick results using larger plants.
  • Container gardens are ideal for people with limited mobility, limited time, small quantity requirements and more.
  • Container gardening is great as wide variety of items that can be used as containers.
  • Container gardening is ideal alternative for apartment dwellers and people with small yards.
  • Container gardening is today enjoyed by people of all ages, lifestyles and gardening abilities.
  • further information on container gardening can be gained