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Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Image of wedding ceremony flowers The Wedding Day is one of the most important days of the bridal couple's lives. On any Wedding Day, Flowers are one of the most important elements, and indeed an integral part of any Wedding Ceremony across cultures.

Whether in a Church, a hotel, a plantation or a garden, every Wedding Ceremony needs a focal point. This focal point creates the space where the all-important vows will be exchanged. And, this focal point is incomplete without the Wedding Ceremony Flowers.

When choosing Wedding Ceremony Flowers, the primary consideration should be the site where the wedding is hosted.

Whether in a chapel or temple or a secular site, once you establish your site options, you get to think about flowers for the ceremony. Flowers are an essential part of the decor for the aisle, the altar, and the alternatives.

Many weddings feature a very simple aisle, with one or two flower arrangements at the opening or a light sprinkle of rose petals running the length. Others feature nosegays, swags of ivy, or delicate wreathes on pew ends.

The choice is personal, but if keeping costs under control is important, remember that the bridal couple is the centerpiece--numerous accents may be unnecessary.

The altar, or bimah in a synagogue, is where most people will be focusing during the major part of the ceremony. Wedding Ceremony Flower Arrangements should be large enough for all to see, but they can also be simple and elegant.

Depending on the particular tradition, a flowers may decorate the unity candle or Bible. If the wedding is Jewish, flowers are used to decorate the traditional huppah canopy.

If tying the knot in an unconventional setting, alternatives like arches or trellises can be used to add flowers to a beach or patio. Where trees are already part of the backdrop, a few key garlands can be used as the Wedding Ceremony Flowers.

Wedding Ceremony Flowers may be used to personalize the ceremony site. Usually beautiful bouquets of flowers help decorate the altar and/or podium, and often can be used at the reception site after the ceremony.

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Decorating with Wedding Ceremony Flowers

The Wedding Ceremony venue will be the place where the knot is actually tied, so it deserves some carefully thought out decoration. It can be decorated with the bride and bridegroom's favorite flowers.

  • Altar: Traditionally, either side of the altar is flanked by flower arrangements. These arrangements are usually large, so that they can be seen from afar.
  • Trellis: For an outdoor wedding, a Trellis can be rented. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Pews: The pews can be decorated with a simple ribbon and flower arrangement. Reserved seats for special guests may be marked with these.
  • Bridal Party: Wedding Flowers are also used by for the bridal party. The bride's female relatives may wear corsages, flower wrist bands or flowers in the hair.

Wedding Ceremony Flowers are also used in Candelabra Arrangements, Tall Pedestal Arrangements, Kneeling Bench Flowers, Aisle Runners, Arch or Gazebo Decorations, Colonades with Flower Decorations, Chair back decorations, Table arrangements, around the entrance, and as Fresh petal confetti.

The participants in the wedding ceremony the Best man, the Bridesmaid, the Flowergirl, the Maid of honor, the Ringbearer, the usher or groomsman may all wear Wedding Ceremony Flowers. The Flowergirl strews petals in the path of the bride walking down the aisle.

The Best man, the Ringbearer, and the usher or groomsman wear nosegays or pins. The Bridesmaid traditionally carries a bouquet that matches the Bride's bouquet.

In a civil ceremony, a register office room may already be decorated with flowers. If opting for another licensed venue and having the reception in the same place, it couldn't be easier to transfer the flowers from one room to another, so think about arrangements that will suit both rooms.

It's a good idea to have a table arrangement or pedestal around the area where the vows are taken.

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