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Wedding Flower Bouquet

Image of wedding flower bouquet Wedding Flower Bouquet is commonly the Bride’s Bouquet and the Bridesmaids’ Bouquets. The choice of a wedding flower bouquet for the bride should be made to compliment the dress and body shape, and reflect the bride’ personality.

The bridal bouquet originated from the ancient belief that spices and herbs, with strong odours, (including garlic and chives) protected wedding party from bad luck, evil spirits, and ill health.

The Greeks and Romans would strew flowers before the bridal couple to symbolize the essence of love. In modern times, the choice of flowers for the wedding may be influenced by Meanings attributed to flowers during the Victorian era.

Traditionally, the bridal bouquet consists of white or cream flowers like stephanotis, sweet peaks, lilies of the valley, orchids, roses, carnations or gardenias.

The budget conscious should choose flowers that are in season and readily available. Fresh cut flowers are not mandatory and a lot of places offer flowers on rent. Fragrance is also a crucial criterion; scented bouquets are becoming a rage.

Some of these fragrant flowers include Peonies, Gardenias, Stephanotis and Tuberoses. Certain flowers have special meanings and you might wish to include them in your bouquet, as a tender message to your loved one.

To help create the overall mood of the occasion, many things should be considered when selecting the flowers for a wedding bouquet. The flower bouquet should help create the overall mood of the occasion.

Types Of Wedding Flower Bouquets

  • Posy Bouquet: A Posy can be formal, semi-formal or informally built. A small, rounded bouquet, the posy consists of smaller flowers that can be wired or tied tightly together by their stems to create a more informal effect.
  • Arm Spray Bouquet: The bride carries the bouquet cradled in the forearm, or if preferred hung from the hand. The forearm blooms may come in a neat cluster of long stemmed flowers and greenery, or can be wider with loose trails creating a softer effect.
  • Strauss Bouquet: Larger than a posy, the design is a natural stem bouquet and is usually arranged in a looser manner with the stems left longer.
  • Trail Bouquet: The softly trailing array of flowers has a relatively narrow from the top to the bottom of the trail, not a rounded top like a posy bouquet, and is from the top down to the bottom of the trail. The trail may be narrow or wide.
  • Biedermeier Bouquet: The very structured bouquets may be fully wired or on their natural stems. The Biedermeier bouquet is entirely symmetrical with the flowers arranged in symmetric circles.
  • Teardrop Bouquet: The traditional and formal bouquet consists of a structured posy top. The trail is very wide and forms the teardrop shape becomes a point at the bottom of the trail.
  • Cascade Bouquet: With numerous trails tumbling from the top of the bouquet, its is known as a multiple trail bouquet. It is often very unstructured in appearance.
  • loral Pomander: A round ball covered in flowers, suspended by a ribbon and worn from the wrist.
  • Floral Boa: A length of wired flowers and greenery that is worn around the shoulders in place of carrying a bouquet.
  • Floral Prayer Book: Carry a prayer book covered in flowers rather than carrying a bouquet. The book may be covered in fabric to match the brides gown and flowers attached to it, or a single stem may be placed through the centre of the book parallel to the spine.

Choice of the Right Florist

Convey your choice clearly to the florist and see that the florist knows exactly what you want before the day of the wedding. Simple, elegant and artistic combinations make the best bouquets.

Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

The maid of honor bouquet can be larger or different color than the rest of the bridesmaids’ bouquet. The bridesmaids’ bouquet should complement the bridal bouquet but are generally smaller in size. The color should match with the bridesmaids’ dresses and the theme color of the wedding.

Flower Girl Bouquets

Traditionally, the flower girl just sprinkles flowers and petals in the path of the bride. Recent choices for the flower girl include baskets full of flowers, mini bouquets, floral wands or scepters, and even a ball of flowers hanging from a string known as a pomander.