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Floral Bouquets

Image of Floral Bouquet1Flowers give out our feelings. Gifting flowers is more than uttering words. Flowers of same type or different type with same or different colors together form a Floral bouquet. These are the flower bouguets which grows in the farms. Floral bouquets are arranged in a natural style using seasonal flowers and foliage.

Among the flower arrangements floral bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, mix & match. Floral bouquets are arranged in a natural style using seasonal flowers and foliage. Floral bouquets can be sent to distant places through online flower delivery. The most popular flower for the Floral bouquet consists of Roses. Other most popular flowers include: Lilies, Orchids and Stephanotis.

Every individual Floral Bouquet is different from one another. These floral bouquets bring warmth to a home decor. Floral bouquets delights young and the old alike. Floral Bouquets are held together by two methods: hand wired or inserted into a plastic bouquet holder. Hand wired bouquets are less bulky and more stable. The styles are according to the site.

There are Floral bouquets consisting of number of styles. The different styles of bouquets include: Cascade, Crescent, Hand Tied, Round, Nosegay, Arm, Freeform / Contemporary, Oval, Biedermeier, Fan, Pomander, Single Stem. All these floral bouquet styles belong to the Wedding flowers which are also given for other purposes.

  • Biedermeier bouquet: Flowers are in Concentric circles with different flowers, or different colors of the same flower, in each circle.
  • Cascade bouquet: Cascading bouquets feature flowers in tear-shape arrangement, descending and dropping into tendrils at the bottom of the main portion of the design.
  • Hand Tied: Generally made of flowers, foliage and any accessories in round shape, hand tied styles are also referred to as clutch bouquets, and tied with ribbons.
  • Round: Round type of bouquet does not have to be perfectly round in shape and but can be designed as a tight cluster for a denser look or loose arrangement.
  • Nosegay: Nosegays are round cluster of flowers in a very trendy style.
  • Arm:Arm bouquet is an arrangement of long-stemmed flowers, often roses or calla lilies, tied loosely with a ribbon or bow and cradled in one arm. Sometimes a single, perfect bloom is preferred to a bouquet of flowers.
  • Freeform/ Contemporary: Free Form bouquets are inspired by unconventional ideas, styles, and patterns and are designed with no geometric form. They are asymmetrical.
  • Wreath/hoop: Wreath/hoop is a large ring decorated or intertwined with foliage and flowers. Generally thought of as a symbol of eternity with no beginning or end.
  • Fan: Fan is a small bouquet or cluster of flowers attached to an elaborate fan.
  • oval: Oval bouquet is a combination of both a cascade and a round, and elongated in shape. Generally the bottom is narrower than the top, but the overall shape resembles an oval.
  • Pomander: Pomander type of bouquet is a ball of flowers made by inserting stems into a globe-shape base suspended from a looped ribbon. The ribbon can be held or slipped over the wrist. This look is perfect for bridesmaids and flowers girls as well, and is an elegant choice if you wear gloves.
  • Single Stem: Single stem designs generally feature a unique design element, with a long-stemmed flower, elaborate bow, streamers, or a decorative lace bloom collar to give the design more interest and appeal.
  • Pave arrangement: Pave type is a tight cluster of blooms that may include one type of flower in the same color or related colors, or several different varieties of flowers. These balanced, geometric arrangements have little greenery.
  • Free-form bouquet: Free-form bouquet is a loose grouping of flowers that often has blossoms and greenery coming out at various angles. Sprays are one type of free-form bouquet.

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Types of Floral Bouquets

  • Boutonnieres are worn by men, generally matching them to one of the flowers in the Bride's bouquet. The Groom's boutonniere should be slightly different than the rest of the guests. Others wearing a boutonniere are the best man, groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers and ringbearers.
  • A Corsage is worn by the women, either with a pin-on or a wristlet. The flowers and color scheme are generally those of the rest of the wedding though there is often more variance in order to match outfits.
  • Flowers kept in holders usually hold up longer than hand tied bouquets, because the flowers are in floral foam that have been soaked in water.
  • Nowadays Topiary Bouquets are becoming popular

You can send flowers to far away places, by selecting a florist and choosing a flower bouquet which would be in the interest of the recepient. Choose the floral bouquets according to the need and they become the ideal gifts for all the occasions. There are Birthday flower bouquets, Weddings flower bouquets, Anniversaries flower bouquets, Christmas flower bouquets, Get Well flower bouquets, Good Luck flower bouquets, Engagements flower bouquets, Sorry flower bouquets, Thank You flower bouquets, I Love You flower bouquets, Good Bye flower bouquets, Welcome Back flower bouquets, Congratulations flower bouquets, Christenings flower bouquets, New Born Babies flower bouquets or Just a treat for your kids.

Facts About Floral Bouquets

  • All floral bouquets are custom made with the best choice of flowers, foliage, ribbon, style and size.
  • Flowers have been important to weddings since Roman times where brides carried bunches of herbs to ward off evil spirits.
  • Originally referred to as Shower Bouquets, these replace as the Bouquet of choice around 1910. By 1920 this style became exaggerated, with larger and larger bouquets almost concealing the bride. After reaching their peak in the 20's and 30's, shower bouquets disappeared. So, shower bouquet shrunk in size and became the teardrop, trail and cascade styles.
  • Most popular fragrant flowers for bouquets are gardenias, freesia, stephanotis, bouvardia, and narcissus.

Send flower bouquets to your faraway friends and family and be part of the festivities in spirit if not in person.

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