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John Brookes

Image of John Brookes-Gardener John Brookes - Landscape Designer, today, is one of the world's most influential garden designers in the world. He has created over 1,200 garden designs for clients throughout the globe and inspired generations of designers with his teaching, lecturing, books and magazine articles.

John Brookes has over forty years’ experience in garden designing. He was trained with Dame Sylvia Crowe and Brenda Colvin, two of the greatest garden designers of the Twentieth Century. Then he went on to study landscape design at University College, London. His work has taken him across the globe, giving him the opportunity to create gardens in all locations and climates.

John Brookes worked as an apprentice with the Nottingham Corporation Parks Department in 1954, through his work with Brenda Colvin and Sylvia Crowe in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and became a garden designer. Later he set up of his own garden and landscape design practice.

"The Story of John Brookes" reveals all the influences that have come to bear on John's work plotting the major stages of his career.

John's original design sketches are reproduced and contemporary and recent photographs capture the development of each garden.

John Brookes's Awards and Achievements

  • John Brookes's first successes in London town gardens in the 1960s are the best.
  • John Brookes's first book was published in 1969.
  • John Brookes's designs and educational achievements became popular around the globe throughout his career.
  • John Brookes is considered as the doyen of contemporary garden designers.
  • There are 18 of his most significant designs.
  • John Brookes's recent book title is "John Brookes Garden Design Course".
  • He now combines international commissions and lecture tours in Europe, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Australia and Japan, with his practise and writing; working from his celebrated house and garden at Denmans in southern England.
  • John Brookes has run a series of garden design courses at the world-famous Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; the New York Botanical Garden; the Civic Garden Centre, Toronto; Royal Botanic Garden, Hamilton, Ontario; Chicago Botanical Garden; Callaway Gardens, Georgia; in Technicons at Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa and Australia and New Zealand.
  • John Brookes created a garden for the VIP lounge at Heathrow; the College Green at Westminster Abbey; the English Walled Garden at The Chicago Botanic Garden, which was dedicated by HRH Princess Margaret; and various commissions in Japan including the gold medal-winning ""Cool Britannia"" - the Department of Trade and Industry's entry for the Flora 2000 Exhibition.

John Brookes Authored Books

John Brookes authored number of books and some of them are shown here

  • The Book of Garden Design - John Brookes - This book gives a brief history of gardens and a detailed lesson on design principles to site assessment and the varieties of landscape possibilities and plant combinations.
  • Small Garden - John Brookes - inspiring photographs and detailed diagrams show in a restricted space.
  • John Brookes Garden Design - John Brookes - John Brookes adresses the latest trends in garden design as well as surveying new materials and techniques. He also shows how to use the computer as a design tool, and features new, or extended, sections on key styles, such as Minimalist, Mediterranean, Urban and Japanese and Oriental.
  • John Brookes Garden Design Course - John Brookes - A practical workbook that goes from the basics of simple surveying, through the author's celebrated use of a design grid, to detailed styling and planting design. It covers topics that include the tools needed for designing a garden, construction details, how to design a larger garden, and creating pools and other water features.
  • Johnn Brookes: Garden and Landscape - The book provides a fascinating insight into John Brookes' garden and landscape design work, by analysing most significant designs and their execution.

In his new book John Brookes Garden Design Course makes the pertinent comment that: "Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, we are increasingly adopting a stance that we are not superior to nature, and forcing a plan upon it, but that we are part of it and are becoming more and more sensitive to it."

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