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Jennifer Colvin

Image of Jennifer Colvin Jennifer Colvin is a bride's best friend. She is one person any woman would love to have at her wedding. If 'The Wedding Planner,' is her favorite movie, it is only for the love and dedication she has for her profession more than anything else. Jennifer continues to spin magic with flowers at each one of the weddings she undertakes, making it a beautiful and memorable fairy tale for the bride, the groom and everyone present at a wedding.

Jennifer's skills as a designer and event specialist are popular with all her brides who have seen her work with passion to make their dream-weddings a reality. Be it fresh flowers, silk flowers or non floral candlescaping, Jennifer and her team can transform any venue into a dream wedding.

Master designer, owner and creator of the splendid Ever After Florals, Jennifer Colvin, has been in the floral industry for close to twenty years. She has designed over 100 weddings and special events. A professionally trained designer, Jennifer not only graduated from all courses at Thunderbird Floral Design School but she has also taught several classes herself. Her popularity among the floral industry and soon-to-be brides soared following an appearance on the Fox 10 morning show.

Ever After is family owned and operated and ensures the highest quality flowers and customer service. They only design one large event per day which allows them to focus directly on their client's special occasion. Thus paying an undivided attention to details. They do design arches, chuppahs, trellises, and staircases.

Jennifer knows her flowers well and knows which ones work best for a wedding. She plays with the colors and designs until she creates a never before seen eclectic mix of floral splendor that remain as unique as the bride and the groom. One of Jennifer's customers says "she is delightful to work with, her creativity and talent is undeniable."

Their specialty is free standing trees with blooming flowers and crystals dripping off to be used in many areas of the wedding. Jennifer loves her flowers but she is also very creative in using non-floral additions to floral arrangements. Some of her creations make use of Crystals, rhinestones in all colors, feathers, broaches, and many other fun exciting products in the bouquets or centerpieces. They also do silk flowers for those who do not like to see their flowers wither.

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1. How did your romance with flowers begin?

After graduating college with a degree in Interior Design I worked at a small neighborhood florist. Just being near flowers was good enough for me. I loved it! I took all classes available at a floral design school and graduated as a "master" designer. From there I managed a few flower shops, taught floral design myself, and then started my own business specializing in Weddings and Events. My romance with flowers has been a long and dedicated one. Flowers are definitely a love of mine and part of my inner being. I could not imagine my life without them in it!

2. Where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration is something that I constantly use as a backboard for designs and new ideas. I think all senses are used when it comes to inspiration. Sometimes music can inspire me to be a faster designer, keep me moving. I love color & texture, so when I see something that sparks my interest out on the street I run with it and try to pull flowers together that I feel would express those items. I think I am influenced by everything. You never know what could trigger a great idea!

3. How do you think flowers make everyday life better?

Flowers are a natural beauty. I think they bring us closer to nature. Whether you are seeing flowers growing in a garden untouched, or if they have been picked and placed in a vase and set on your kitchen table. They make everyday life full of LIFE.

4. What is your favorite flower and why?

My favorite flower is a hard one to pin down. It really does change according to the season. Just last week I said my favorite flower was a beautiful antique green hydrangea with a splash of burgandy on the tufts. It was gorgeous!

5. How do you choose your flowers for a wedding?

I am very particular when it comes to fresh flowers. This is why I personally hand pick all the flowers that I will be using for my events. I choose flowers that I know will look good, last long, and will compliment the bride and her entire vision for her big day.

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6. Which is the most memorable wedding you have designed for and why?

I have designed many weddings, but my most memorable would have to be my very first wedding. I had just finished design school and had never designed a wedding bouquet before. I was so nervous as the bride and groom were people that I had gone to high school with years before. I remember spending more than 2 hours working and perfecting the bride's cascading bouquet of dendrobium orchids, roses, and stephanotis. I wanted it to be absolutely perfect! It was such a wonderful feeling to have accomplished something like this. Now 12 years later, I know that two hours is much too long to work on a bouquet, but it just showed that I was willing to go the distance at the beginning of my career and do whatever it took to get things done right. I still have the same principles and drive today. I want all my weddings to be memorable!

7.Which flower do you think describes your personality best and why?

I have to say that Daffodils best describe my personality. They are bright, cheery, and happy. They work well alone or with a mix of other flowers. The daffodil symbolizes friendship.

8. What do you consider your signature touch?

My signature touch is providing my brides with a personalized vase for them and their bridesmaids to place their bouquets into during the reception. I simply adorn a cylinder vase with a colored satin ribbon, a fresh flower bloom, and a hanging name tag. Very personal and a great way to showcase their bouquets at the head table/cake table/etc. My special signature touch is always a favorite with brides and photographers as well.

9. What is the scope of development for the floral design industry?

I have been in the floral design industry since the early 90's. That is about the time when you could get a dozen roses at the grocery store for much less than you could a custom designed bouquet from a flower shop. It was hard to compete. However, florists still prevail. We are the experts when it comes to flowers and we will be there for all who need them. No matter what the economy might be like, people will still celebrate life.

10. A few words on is full of wonderful information. I love to use for reference. I like to know the different meanings of flowers and it is so easy for me to find using the encyclopedia. I also enjoy reading about "The Flower of the Week" and "The Flower Expert of the Week", but never dreamed I would be one of them.

Please feel free to share with us any information about yourself that can be featured in the column. Martha Stewart and I share the same birthday, August 3rd.

I enjoy blogging about my floral designs at I am a married mother of two daughters (ages 9 & 4) who love flowers and can not wait for the day they can help me with my designs.

I was sitting at home pondering ideas for a romantic fairy tale type name for my wedding flower business and I turned on the TV for inspiration, Ever After Florals was named after the Drew Barrymore film, "Ever After". I reside in Phoenix, AZ USA, wedding season is from September-April. Motto is: Wishing all our brides a happily...Ever After!

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