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Jane Packer

Image of Jane Packer Jane Packer is a leading floral designer in the world of floral arrangements. There is world wide demand for Jane Packer's floral designs.

Jane Packer's floral arrangements reflect more of nature than being stiff or forced.“I've always tried to arrange flowers in a way that you see them growing in nature, rather than force them into formal arrangements,” she says. “My bouquets tend to be clustered in a way that you might see the flowers growing on a branch. A mirror of pared-down nature, if you like.”

Jane has over 20 years of experience in floral design. Jane owns international flower shop and floral design schools across many countries. Jane's floral designs are featured in many online floral websites.

Some of her best featured floral designs in are White Sequin Bag, Barely Pink Bouquet, Elegant White Bouquet, Pink/Lilac Bouquet etc..

Jane Packer's Achievements

  • Jane owns floral outlets in New York, Tokyo and Seoul, and in the UK.
  • Jane launched her first floral design school in the year 1989 after the success of the this floral design school she opened a sister school at Tokyo.
  • Jane Packer has high profile clients like Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Vogue magazine, Dustin Hoffman and Kate Moss.
  • She was winner of "The Prestigious Prince... More Philip Medal"
  • In the past 20 years, Jane has written ten books, presented numerous international TV programmes and lectured extensively all over the world on her flower philosophy.
  • To complement her contemporary flower range, in 2002 Jane launched her own range of fragrant products: eau de toilette, bath foams, soaps and candles, sold from her stores and now available for the first time on the web.
  • Vogue, Country Living, Cosmopolitan, Tatler and Brides and many other featured jane's articles and works in there magazines. Jane appeared regularly in US and British TV shows.
  • She has produced two best selling videos on flower arranging.
  • she regularly contributes to many major national flower shows besides this she undertakes weddings and other special occasions. Jane Packer designed many floral arrangements for weeding and for many important occasions.

Some Bestselling Books by Jane Packer

  • Jane Packer: Flowers, Design, Philosophy: Jane shares her design philosophy, reveals her tricks of the trade, and explains how to assemble shapes, colors, and textures. In addition to discussing aesthetic issues and detailing wiring and other professional techniques, Packer provides more than 40 inspirational designs.
  • Fast Flower Arranging: Jane shares 120 arrangements that each take no more than three simple steps to complete. Many of them can be done in five minutes with fairly inexpensive materials.
  • Complete Guide To Flower Arranging: Practical as it is gorgeous, with beautifully photographed, step-by-step directions for every arrangement.
  • Jane Packer's Flowers: Jane reveals her art of combining textures and shapes to produce glorious floral displays for diverse interiors and special occasions.
  • Jane Packer's Fast Flowers: Fast Flowers shows how to create these and other stunning displays by one of the world's top floral designers.
  • Living with Flowers: Jane Packer's most personal book to date--and the first to focus on floral "interior design" and the art of combining colors, textures, and shapes to create a whole look or atmosphere. 65 informal yet distinctive arrangements--shown in luscious pictures by a photographer for Vogue magazine--offer something for every type of space, lifestyle, and mood.

Some flower arranging tips by Jane Packer

  • Always cut rose stems at a sharp angle. This increases the surface area of the stem so it can take in more water.
  • For a quick and easy table decoration, cut roses short, group them together, and place them I small containers. Use the petals of one rose head to scatter on the table for that finishing touch.
  • Using your roses at different heights, choose assorted vases and group together for a vintage feel.

Website: Jane Packer

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