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Jane Carroll

jane carrollJane Carroll is a well known floral artist whose clientele includes well known celebrities and stars. Impressed by her unique floral gifts and keepsakes, they seem to have been passing the word around.

Jane Carroll founded her company in 1996, and it has since grown into a multi-million dollar business with thousands of individual and corporate customers throughout the United States.

Jane's artistry combines unfettered imagination with simplicity and a deep appreciation of natural materials like wood, flowers, foliage, and mosses. The end result is a simple yet stylish, whimsical yet remarkably personalized floral gift items.

Jane is well known for creating unique floral sculptures out of fresh foliage and flower heads be it shoes, handbags, golf or even blow dryers.

A lot of Jane Carroll's trademark floral arrangements feature on 1-800-FLOWERS.

Jane Carroll also dabbles in home accessories that includes items like organic root baskets and trays to recycled railroad tie benches.

Jane also works on interior design creating very unique, warm and inviting spaces that perfectly blend color, texture, design and are based on a client’s personality, individuality and needs.

Some of Jane Carroll's Achievements

  • Jane Carroll established her signature retail line for Oprah’s “O List” in February 2002, and today the company's retail business consists of more than 150 unique floral designs and gifts spanning a variety of seasonal, holiday, and gift categories – offered through Jane Carroll's online store.
  • Jane Carroll products have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC's The View as well as People Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Daily News, Journal News and numerous other national and local publications.
  • Making a mark by distinguishing the brand from the typical floral design companies, Jane Carroll continues to be in the forefront of cutting edge fresh floral designing as well as gift giving for all occasions!
  • She had the incredible job of creating a home away from home at Caesars Palace for one of music's biggest personalities, Sir Elton John.
  • Some Tips on Floral arrangement by Jane Carroll

    To create innovate table-top arrangements…

    • First take a glass or plastic cylinder. If you have neither one of these get a 2 litre bottle of soda and cut it down so it is 4 inches shorter then your fresh asparagus. Take a heavy duty rubber band and place it around your cylinder container. Cut your asparagus so that they are all the same height. Start placing your asparagus between the rubber band and the container until it is completely covered.

      Then take a handful of your favorite flowers and cut them so the flower heads sit right on top of the asparagus. When you are done tie raffia around the rubber band to hide it.

    • Cover a tennis ball with fresh flowers using a low temp glue gun. Try to use flowers that last a while such as santini mums or use flowers that dry well like roses, ranunculus or hydrangea florets. Mound up five balls and place in a bowl for a lovely and unique tabletop arrangement.

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