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Gertrude Jekyll

 Image of Gertrude JekyllGertrude Jekyll is a British landscape architect, born on Nov. 29, 1843, in London. Gertrude Jekyll is also a talented painter, photographer, designer and craftswoman. Gertrude Jekylle was very much influenced by Arts & Crafts. She is most remembered for her bold and colorful English garden border. Gertrude Jekylle died on Dec. 8, 1932.

Gertrude Jekyll has a substantial collection of her drawings, plans and original photographs lodged with the Reef Point Gardens Collection in University of California, Berkeley. Her work is known for its radiant color and the brush-like strokes of her plantings.

Gertrude Jekyll's contributions in the field of landscaping gardening

  • Her gardens can be seen throughout the British Isles and in North America.
  • She created over 400 gardens in the UK, Europe and America.
  • She contributed over 1,000 articles to Country Life, The Garden and other magazines.
  • Gardens designed by her like Hester Combe in Somerset and Upton in Hampshire, Munstead Wood in Surry have been restored.
  • Her famous designed house is The garden at the Glebe House in Connecticut in the United States.
  • Jekyll collected and contributed a vast array of plants solely for the purpose of preservation to numerous institutions across Britain.
  • Jekyll did not limit her influence to teaching the practice of gardening, but took a step further to the study of gardening and the plants themselves.
  • For Queen Mary's dollhouse, she designed miniature flowers and Edwin Lutyens did the landscaping plans.

Books written by Gertrude Jekyll

Jekyll was not only an inspiring garden designer, but also popular for her prolific writing. She penned over fifteen books. She helped the landscape designer William Robinson in his writings about the natural garden and wrote several successful books. She is the author of many books, but to name a few are:

Book written on Gertrude Jekyll's by Other Author

Gertrude Jekyll's work was full of simplicity and orderly disorder of cottage gardens. She later worked closely with Edwin L. Lutyens, and developed a modern, informal style of garden marked by a rhythmic use of colour and form.

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