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Amy Stewart

Image of Amy StewartA passionate and inquisitive writer. This is how Boston Globe, the Boston’s leading newspaper says about Amy Stewart.

No more introduction is needed for her. Yes! Amy Stewart is a great writer and a Gardening expert as well. As a gardening columnist she writes for the North Coast Journal, Organic Gardening, Bird Watcher’s Digest, and the San Francisco Chronicle. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) granted Amy Stewart a Creative Writing Fellowship for 2006.

Amy stewart was inspired by Darwin’s last book which was devoted to the study of the earthworms. Stewart’s curiosity brought her into the labs of biologists, botanists, taxonomists, and oligochaetologists (folks who study worms). To understand the immense significance of these creatures, she carried on research with her own observations on the psychology and behavior of earthworms to tell their amazing story in a compelling and witty book, From the Ground Up.

Amy Stewart was well versed and a strong supporter of Organic gardening. Organic gardening is a science and art of gardening by incorporating the entire landscape design and environment to improve and maximize the garden soil’s health, structure, texture, as well as maximize the production and health of developing plants without using synthethic commercial fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides.

Amy Stewart’s Contributions to the world of Gardening

As a writer, Amy Stewart wrote many articles about gardening and related topics. Her popular books are listed below:

  • FlowerConfidential: This book is Amy Stewart’s latest work, to be published in February, 2007. In this book she makes us understand the world inside the flower trade, from the hybridizers, who create new varieties in the laboratory, to the growers, who produce flowers by the millions (often in a factory-like setting), to the Dutch auctioneers, who set the bar (and the price), and ultimately to the neighborhood florists who cater to the scores of needs of the people. Thus, we come to know the path of the flowers from growing process to the decoration process.
  • From the Ground Up: In this book, Amy writes her story, about the transformation of an amataeur gardener into a passionate, matured, professional gardener. This is the Story of a First Garden which makes us understand the skills in gardening, which is helpful for the professional as well as an amateur gardeners alike.
  • The Earth Moved: This book was selected as the Best Book of the Year by the San Jose Mercury News which contains the remarkable achievements of earthworms. she gracely explores the fascinating underground world. She sets about exploring the underground world with the humble, but industrious and abundant earthworm. In her witty and offbeat style, Amy Stewart makes us realise how much depends on the humble worm…. The Earthworm.

Achievements and Awards won by Amy Stewart

  • The recipient of a 2006 National Endowment of the Arts for Literature Fellowship.
  • California Horticultural Society’s Writer’s Award for 2005.
  • The Earth moved On was named a Best Book of the Year by the San Jose Mercury News.

Visit Amy Stewart’s website and her blog, Dirt.