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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Portugal

National Flower of Portugal

During the 15th and 16th centuries, with its global empire, it was one of the major economic, political, and cultural powers of the world.

Image of the National Flower of Portugal - LavenderThe national flower of Portugal is Lavender, The Lavenders are a genus of about 25-30 species of flowering plants in the mint family and are used in cooking, the potency of the lavender flowers increases with drying. While the English lavender, yields a highly effective essential oil with very sweet overtones, and can be used in balms, salves, perfumes, cosmetics, and topical applications.

Other Native and Popular Flowers of Portugal

Few small countries contain so great a variety of scenery as Portugal. The bleak and desolate heights of the Serra da Estrella and the ranges of the northern frontier are almost alpine in character and due to the existing climatic conditions, all year round you can admire flowers such as orchids, birds-of-paradise, Anthuriums, Magnolias, Azaleas, Proteas, Sunflowers, Water Lilies, Bouganvillia, Jacarunda Blossoms, Gulbenkian, Morning Glories, Calla Lilies, Gerberas, and Ice Flowers, all growing in a natural environment. While Scilla, Daffodil, Thyme, Origanum Majorana, Asteriscus Maritimes, Laurels and Clematis are some of the flowers native to Portugal.

Roses, Lilies, Gerberas, Sunflowers, Carnations and Orchids are popularly used on various occasions for decoration and gifting.

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Facts about Portugal

  • Located at the Southwestern Europe, The Republic of Portugal was founded in 1152 by Alfonso Henriques. And in 1373, Portugal made an alliance with England, which is the longest-standing alliance in the world.
  • During the 15th and 16th centuries, with its global empire, it was one of the major economic, political, and cultural powers of the world.
  • The Global Competitiveness Report for 2005, published by the World Economic Forum, places Portugal on the 22nd position. This represents an increase of two places from the 2004 ranking.
  • Portugal was ranked 20th on the Technology index and 15th on the Public Institutions index. while Portugal is placed as the country with the 20th best quality of life in the world after the Quality of life Survey conducted by Economist Intelligence Units (EIU).
  • As a member of the European Community and NATO, Portugal plays a greater role in both European and world affairs than its size would suggest. Nonetheless, it is one of the poorest countries in Western Europe.