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National, Native and Popular Flowers of New Zealand

National Flower of New Zealand

The only country in the world in which all the highest offices on the land have been occupied simultaneously by women, is New Zealand.

 Image of the National Flower of New ZealandKowhai or botanically known Sophora microphylla, a beautiful yellow or golden flower is the national flower of New Zealand. The Kowhai, a Maori name and means yellow, is the best known Native flowering tree and one of the most beautiful flower of New Zealand. As a small tree it is excellent in many small gardens where light foliage cover is required and a burst of colour in spring when it smothers itself with blooms.

Other Native and Popular Flower of New Zealand

Because of its long isolation from the rest of the world and its island biogeography, New Zealand is one of the richest bio-diverse flora on earth. It is home to a large variety of beautiful plants and flowers. Whereas the native flowers of New Zealand are unique and astounding. Some of them are, Mount Cook buttercup, Maori onion, White snow marguerite, Ladies tresses orchid, Flush willowherb, Sun orchid, Kowhai flowers, Toetoes, or Pampas Carmichaelia glabrescens, Ranunculus sericophyllus and Hairy orchid.

Some popular flowers grown on the extraordinary land of New Zealand are, Forget-me-nots, Hebes bred, Flax Flower, Phormium tenax, Purple Flowering Hebes, hybrid Cordylines, Arthropoduim Cirratum and Coprosmas.

Online Florists New Zealand

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Send Flowers to New Zealand

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Facts about New Zealand

  • New Zealand is a country in the south-western Pacific Ocean comprising two large islands and numerous smaller islands, most notably Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands.
  • The only country in the world in which all the highest offices on the land have been occupied simultaneously by women, is New Zealand.
  • New Zealanders rank the highest in the world for car-ownership, where 2.5 million cars are for four million people, the use of busses is about 2% and of rails is only 1%.
  • New Zealand is one of the top five dairy exporters in the world. The top five countries supply around 90 percent of dairy products on the international market.
  • Being on the southern hemisphere, New Zealanders celebrate Christmas in the warm summer sun, because our winter is their summer.