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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Lebanon

National Flower of Lebanon

Image of the FlowersThe most famous tree in the world is the ”Cedar of Lebanon" which is also called Cedrus libanii as mentioned in the Bible, is the national tree of Lebanon and also depicted on the national flag of Lebanon. But till now no flower has been designated as the national flower of Lebanon.

Other Native and Popular Flowers of Lebanon

Having extraordinarily varied climate is due to the wide range of elevation and the westerly winds Lebanon is rich in flora, with over 3,000 species. The Country though not having a great quantity of Flowers but the quality of flowers is always found here. Some of the native flowers of Lebanon include, Eunomia oppositifolia, Origanum libanoticum and Hyacinth (lily).

The popular flowers of the country grown here are, Opium poppy, Blue Stars, Begonia, Zinia, Vinca, Camelia, Poppies, Dahlia, Oeillet De Chine, Jasmine, Almond Flowers, Mirabilis Jalapa , Alyssum Montanum, Tropaeolum, carnations, Latana Camara, snow white, Cactus, cortanica Mirabilis jalapa, Gerbera, Arum, Red Eye, Gladioulus, Orange Flowers, Iris and wild flowers.

Roses, Lilium, Hortansia, Sun Flowers, Red Bell, Gerbera, Arum, Red Eye and Gladioulus are some of the flowers liked by the Lebanese and they use them as greetings on different occasions.

Online Florists Lebanon

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Facts about Lebanon

  • Situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and bordered by Syria and Israel Lebanon is the only country in the Middle East that does not have a desert.
  • The Arabic name for Lebanon is "Lubnan" which means white – the colour of the Lebanese snow-covered mountains.
  • Byblos, a city in Lebanon is the oldest continuously living city in the world.
  • The first miracle by Jesus Christ of turning water into wine, was made in Qana, a city in Lebanon.
  • The first law school in the world was built in Lebanon, in Downtown Beirut