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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Latvia

National flower of Latvia

Latvia is one of three countries known as the "Baltic States".

Image of the National flower of LatviaThe Pipene or Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare, earlier also known as Chrysanthemum leucanthemum), is the national flower of Latvia. Pipenes or Daisies, the attractive white flowers are scented and waxy and grow in the wild also. In Latvian conditions, the common or wild daisy blossoms from June till September. Daisies are a very popular flower and are often used in flower arrangements or given as gifts.

Other Native and popular Flowers of Latvia

Latvia is located in the mixed forest area. There are more than 1600 species of flowering plants and filicides in Latvia. The most typical flora of the country is forests, meadows and bogs. Most of the forests are coniferous forests (pine-trees). Orchids are one of the most popular native flower of Latvia while, Latvia Asiatic Lily, Oleanders, Sun flowers, Cranberries, Blueberries, Calla Lilies Bougainvillea, Jasmine, Crocus, Cyclamen, Bluebell, Periwinkles, Alpine Pasque Flower, Spring Gentians, Aquilegia, Aster Alpinus, Convolvulus, Cornflower, Cosmos Bipinnatus and Dahlia Semplicegazania, are some of the flowers grown in the country.

Lilies, Colorful Roses, Sunflowers, Orchids, Gerberas, Daffodils and Daisy are some of the flowers which are passionately liked by Latvians for the gift purposes on various occasions.

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Facts about Latvia

  • Located in Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia was annexed by the USSR in 1940.
  • Latvia is one of three countries known as the "Baltic States". The other Baltic State countries are Estonia and Lithuania.
  • Latvia has the fastest growing economy in Europe. It has had high GDP growth since 2000. In 2003, GDP growth was 7.5% and inflation was 2.9%. Unemployment was 8.8% in 2003, almost unchanged compared to the previous two years. Privatization is mostly complete, except for some of the large state-owned utilities.
  • Latvian culture is strongly influenced by folklore and by the attachment of the people to their land. Christian rituals often are intermingled with ancient customs, and pagan geometric symbols remain evident in the applied arts.