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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Kuwait

National Flower of Kuwait

Image of the FlowerRhanterum epapposum, or locally called Arfaj, the plant, became the national flower of Kuwait in 1983. In the past this plant not only served as fodder for the Rhem gazelle and domestic animals, but also was a source of fuel. Prominent in the central and northeastern part of the desert, this small aromatic shrub displays silvery branches and small green leaves in autumn and during Spring it has a profusion of golden yellow flowers. Now this Flower is a great source of water for camels during the dry spells.

Other native and Popular Flowers of Kuwait

Although Kuwait is largely desert, the land is not barren. Desert shrubs, and flowering plant are plentiful on the land. Some native and popular flowers of Kuwait grown on its land are, Hanwa (Calendula perseca), Lehiet Al-Tais (Koelpinia linearis), Oqhowan (Calendula aegyptiaca), Gharqad (Nitraria retusa), Selmas (Artemisia scoparia), Afaina (Scrophularia deserti), Eshnan (Seidlitzia rosmarinus), Hurum (Zygophyllum coccineum) and Ziekh (Cistanche tubulosa).

Though the people of Kuwait do not have much varieties of flowers like other countries, Roses, Carnations, Gerberas, sunflowers, Asters, Jasmines, Lilies and Chrysanthemums are passionately liked by them for gifting to friends and relatives.

Online Florists Kuwait

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Facts about Kuwait

  • Kuwait, settled by Arab tribes in the early 18th century is located in Middle East, bordering the Arabian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
  • Having more than 10% estimated oil reserves of the world with it. Kuwait is a leading exporter of petroleum.
  • Kuwait has one of the richest local populations in the world and this is reflected in the massive villas you will see and all of the most expensive cars you will ever get a glimpse of.
  • Kuwait is a very religious, conventional Sunni-Muslim dominated country. The official stance of the government is that Islam is the official religion of the state of Kuwait and Sharia law is to govern the country.