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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Ireland

National Flower of Ireland

Image of ShamrockThe Shamrock, a three-leafed plant similar to a clover, which is an unofficial symbol of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Shamrocks are said to bring good luck and also used as a badge for sports teams, state organizations, and troops abroad from Ireland. This flower is related to an Irish tale of St. Patrick, which tells of how Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the Trinity. His followers adopted the custom of wearing a Shamrock on his feast day.

Other Native and Popular Flowers of Ireland

Since Ireland was completely covered by ice sheets during the most recent Ice Age, all native plant and animal life now extant originated from the natural migration of species, chiefly from other parts of Europe and especially from Britain. But still the land of Ireland grows some beautiful flower like Shell Flower (Molucca Balm), Easter Lilies, Amaryllis, Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemums and Wild Flowers. While, Campanula rotundifolia, Cicuta virosa, Ulex europaeus, Saxifraga oppositifolia, Spring Squill, Globeflower and Bog-rosemary are some of the native flowers of Ireland.

Lilies, Colorful Roses, Sunflowers, Orchids, Gerberas, Daffodils and Daisies are some of the flowers which are passionately liked by Irish people for the gift purposes on various occasions.

Online Florists Ireland

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Facts about Ireland

  • Located at the northwest of Continental Europe, surrounded by hundreds of islands and islets, Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest in the world.
  • Ireland boasts the 2nd highest GDP per capita in the Europe, 4th highest Human Development Index in the world, 3rd highest economic freedom worldwide, and the best political rights and civil liberties.
  • In 2005, Ireland was ranked the best place to live in the world, according to a "quality of life" assessment by Economist magazine.
  • Ireland gave the world some of the greatest writers in the English language, including Jonathan Swift, Oliver Goldsmith, and George Bernard Shaw.
  • Ireland is the only Europeon country where abortion is still illegal (except to protect the life of mother).