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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Honkong

In spite of being small country, the economy of Hong Kong is widely believed to be the most economically free in the world.

National Flower of Hongkong

Image of orchidThe Bauhinia Blakeanaor Orchid Bauhinia flower which appears on the regional flag of Hongkong is the national flower of the country. The Bauhinia Blakeana which are also called the beautiful Hong Kong Orchid Tree is a member of the Fabaceae or Legume family and give beautiful large purple-red flowers covering the entire umbrella-shaped crown, in the winter Starting before Thanksgiving and continue until April.

Other Native and Popular Flowers of Hongkong

The flora of Hongkong is of a mixed nature: partly tropical, partly subtropical and partly temperate, it is famous for the exotic flowering trees and shrubs. Magnolia, Hong Kong Camellia, Palms, Bauhinia, Azalea, Rhododendron, Yulan, Saucer Magnolia, Chinese Magnolia, Purple Camel’s Foot, Hibiscus Mutabilis Chinese Bell, Red Bottle Brush, Melastoma, Musseander, and Flame Flowers are some of the famous varieties of flowers grown in the Botanical Gardens of Hongkong. For gifting purposes, White, Pink and Red Roses, Carnations, Orchids and Lilies are very Famous in Hong kong.

Online Florists Hongkong

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Send Flowers to Hongkong

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Facts about Hongkong

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region commonly known as Hong Kong, is one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China, along with Macau. Comprising more than 260 islands, it offers visitors a unique chance to experience a vibrant Chinese city without sacrificing the comforts of home. Being a mixture of East and West Hongkong has created a inimitable culture. Besides fantastic views, first class hotels, bustling streets which offer some of the best shopping opportunities in the world and luxurious restaurants, it has become an important and prosperous international trading centre. In spite of being small country, the economy of Hong Kong is widely believed to be the most economically free in the world It also places first in the Economic Freedom of the World Report.