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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Croatia

National Flower of Croatia


Croatia, a country where within a span of only 100 km, one can experience the beautiful sights of the sea, the karst, forests, mountains and plains, has Iris Croatica (Hrvatska Perunika) as the national flower. This Flower has big azure purple blooms with three prominent colorful stigmas on their pistil and it grows only in the northern and northwestern Croatia.

Other Native and popular Flowers of Croatia

Having good water and soil quality as well as developed transport and communication system, Croatia is one of the ecologically best preserved countries in Europe where wealth of diverse flora, ferns, flowers, mosses, and common trees populate the landscape.Primarily grown are cut flowers, especially Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Roses, Gerberas, and Bedding Plants. While apart from these, Varieties of Geranium, Ruscus hypoglossum, Hepatica nobilis, Cyclamen hederifolium, Velebit degenia, Posharsky bellflower, Rudbeckia, Echinacea purpurea (Bright star), Bromeliads collection, Vanilla planifolia, Drosera kuneifolia, Euphorbia Millie, Arbutus unedo, Nelumbo nucifera, Thalia dealbata, Menyanthes trifoliate, Excelsior and Begonia are found on the land of Croatia.

Stargazer Lily, Orchids, Daisies, Red Roses and Casablanca and Anthuriums are some of the popular flowers of the country.


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Facts about Croatia

  • The Republic of Croatia is a European country situated along the Adriatic Sea and its hinterland. It stretches from the slopes of the Alps and deep into the Pannonian Valley to the banks of the Danube and Drava rivers.
  • Having a long artistic, literary and musical tradition and diverse nature of croatian cuisine, Croatia also has a place in the history of clothing as the origin of the necktie (cravat).
  • The smallest town in the world, Hum in Istria with about 20 houses only, is also in Croatia.
  • In 1870 the first nautical museum of the world was founded in Pula, Croatia. Moreover the only place in the world where you can see the longest Etruscan text, which is 15 m long, is one of Croatian archeological museums.
  • Croatia has produced many great engineers and scientists. And the most famous was Nikola Tesla, who refused a joint Nobel Prize with T.A Edison.