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National, Native and Popular Flower of Colombia

National Flower of Colombia

Image of Christmas OrchidThe Orchid or Christmas Orchid is the National Flower of Colombia, in particular, the flower is variety Cattleya Trianae which was originally discovered in 1840’s in Colombia. It was chosen as the National Flower, after a recommendation of the Colombian Academy of History in 1936, although it has not been officially adopted by law as such. Having a fetid smell, Colombian orchids often grow along mountain streams are said to be among the most beautiful on earth.

Other Native and Popular Flowers of Colombia

Though Flowers have been raised in Colombia since the mid-1960s, but a phenomenal growth in the industry has occurred in the past decade. Colombia exports more fresh flowers than any country except Holland. Being rich in climate the land of Colombia grows a plenty of flower varieties, some of hem are Cut flowers, Carnations, Orchids, Protea flower, Orange-red tubular flower , Bucket orchid, Miltoniopsis vexillaria orchid, Victoria amazonica flower, bromeliad flower, Bananas flowers, Heliconia, Water lilies and Roses.Some Popular flowers used on festivals and various occasions, in Colombia are Gerberas, Ginger, Roses, sun flowers and orchids.

Online Florists Colombia

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Facts about Colombia

  • Republic of Colombia, sharing the borders with Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Panama, is located in Northern South America. The Gate to South America, Colombia is the only South American country with coastlines on both the North Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
  • Colombia is the third-most populous country in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico.
  • Colombia sells much of the emeralds and considerable amounts of gold of the world, silver, and platinum and has the highest coal production in the continent (most from the Guajira Peninsula).
  • There are some strange and surprising laws in Colombia, one of tem is, it is permitted to be up to four people on a motorcycle, while unlawful for two.
  • Music clearly represents the various influences, being a very important part of the Colombian culture. Colombian musicians such as Shakira and Carlos Vives are now well-known names internationally, promoting the country’s rhythms around the world.