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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National Flower

Image of New RoseLittle did many of you know, that the Rose is the national flower of Bulgaria; it is also referred to as the queen of flowers. It is presented to guests who are visiting as it is considered as a symbol of friendship in Bulgaria.

For centuries now Bulgarians have been planting Roses. They have utilised this flower to the greatest extent by extracting their heavenly essance – Attar of Roses. Rose is considered a marvelous gift to the land as it is admired and used in the making of perfumes, for pharmacy purpose and also utilized to a great extent in the food industry.

Bulgaria New Rose

Bulgarian Rose Valley

Other native and popular flowers in Bulgaria

The larger part of Bulgaria has a moderately continental climate with four clearly differentiated seasons namely: spring, summer, autumn & winter. Hence, the humid climate has resulted in Bulgaria having a valley of roses.

Kazanlashka Roza (Kazanluk Rose of Bulgaria) is a special breed of flower which is at its peak bloom and ripe with precious attar during the harvest time of, "The Bulgarian Rose Festival".

Apart from roses there are many other varieties of flowers grown in Bulgaria such as: Gentianella, Bulgarica, Lilium Jankae, Hungarian Snowbell, Lesser Twayblade, Military Orchid, Macedonian Pine, Chrysanthemums, Delphinium and Larkspur.

It is no surprise that the special flowers preferred by Bulgarians are Roses. Yet they also like Sunflowers, Carnations, Lilies, Orchids and Tulips.

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Facts about Bulgaria

  • Founded in the year 681,Bulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe on the Balkan Mountains, bordered in the east by the Black sea.
  • Bulgaria was the only Balkan country that made the political change in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s peacefully, with no human victims (compared to Romania and former Yugoslavia).
  • Bulgaria is the largest center for the production of Rose Scent in the world, producing eighty percent of the world’s Rose oil.
  • There is no Bulgaria&’s flag because it was captured in battle in the more new Bulgarian History. In Bulgaria we have a flag which is awarded with medal for bravery.
  • Bulgarians nod their head for no, and shake it for yes, in the contrast with all the other countries.