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National, Native and Popular Flowers of Australia

Did you know?Australia, nicknamed the “Land Down Under,” is a country, an island and a continent.

National Flower of Australia

Australia’s national floral emblem is Golden Wattle. When in flower, the Golden Wattle displays the national colors of Australia i.e. Green and gold.

But apart from this states and major territories of Australia also have national, state and territory flowers as their floral emblems. These flowers are; Royal bluebell for Australian Capital Territory, Waratah for New South Wales, Sturt’s Desert Rose for Northern Territory and South Australia, Cooktown Orchid for Queensland, Tasmanian Blue Gum for Tasmania, Epacris Impressa (common health) for Victoria and Red and Green Kangaroo Paw for Western Australia.

Other Native and Popular Flowers of Australia

Being in isolation for thousands of years and due to the wide range of different environment, the land Australia has been able to develop plants independently and thus the native flora of Australia is the most diverse and varied in the world. The famous flowers of Australia grown on its land are Bottle Brush, Fannel Flower, Wax Flower, Golden Wattle, Royal bluebell, Waratah, Sturt’s Desert Rose, Cooktown Orchid, Tasmanian Blue Gum, Epacris Impressa, Protea, Banksias, Leucadendron.

Maximizing their social and cultural plurality Australians are quite often seen visiting the florists for ordering the bunch of flowers for their loving ones. Apart from bouquet of Roses, Orchids, Lilies and daisy, they immensely love to present their national flower Golden Wattle to express their emotions. As they believe this flower is a symbol of unity remembrance and reflections.

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Facts About Australia

Australia, nicknamed the “Land Down Under,” is a country, an island and a continent. Being the world’s smallest continent and the sixth-largest country Australia is the only nation to govern an entire continent and its outlying islands. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean and the Southern Pacific Ocean, the Australian federation consists of six States and two Territories…The National mammal for Australia is Red Kangaroo while Emu serves as the National bird.

Being known as the lucky country, it is the world’s largest iron ore exporter and largest producer of bauxite and alumina and also has the world’s largest deposits of silver, zinc, zircon and easily extracted uranium.

Australia’s culturally diverse society includes its Indigenous peoples and settlers from countries all around the world, commenting on which An eminent Australian History professor Geoffrey Blainey rightly said.

“Australia has a dominant, long-established, Anglo-Celtic culture and institutions, with a confetti of other ethnic groups, the largest of which are European and, therefore, not dissimilar to the host culture.”