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National Native and Popular Flower of Argentina

National Flower of Argentina

Image Of Erythrina Crista GalliErythrina Cristina Galli was adopted as the National flower of Argentina on December 2, 1942. Erythrina is found naturally along water courses, in swamps and wetlands, and Because of the red beauty of this flower it is also grown in urban settings such as parks and gardens. Basically the Erythrina is a South American tree, with carmine red flowers and a crooked trunk which locally is called known as Ceibo, Sebo or Bucar.

Other native and Popular Flowers of Argentina

Argentina, which means the Silver Country, a century ago was considered to be one of the most blessed and full of promise lands on the earth. More than 10% of the flora varieties of the world are found in Argentina. The magnificent grasslands have, evergreen beeches and Paraná pine are the common sights in the country. Having a blessed land for flowers, Argentina has many native flowers, some of the famous native flowers of Argentina are: Opuntia, Ancistrophora flower, Aurea flower, Hamatacantha flower, Leucantha flower, polyancistra flower, tubiflora, Argentina Anserina (Potentilla Anserina), Hypoxis and Habranthus flowers. While the popular flowers which are the first choice of the people of Argentina to use for gifting and greetings are of the Gerbera, Daisies, Iris, White Lilies, Cut Roses and Carnations

Online Florists Argentina

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Send Flowers to Argentina

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Facts about Argentina

  • Located in the South and West Hemisphere, Argentina or officially known as Argentine Republic, is bordered by Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile.
  • From the artic regions in the south, to the forested jungle regions in the north, from the ocean coastline on the Atlantic, to the rugged mountain regions in the west, Argentina provides an important cultural and economic connection for all of South America.
  • Argentina is the Eight largest country in the world and the Second largest country in South America, occupying most of the southern portion of the continent.
  • Argentina is one of the most successful national football teams, having won two World Cups and one Olympic Title. While on the other hand Argentina is world wide famous for the special dance called the Tango.