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Germany - Flowers and Florists

National Flower of Germany

The cornflower is the national flower of Germany. It is also called the knapweed. It belongs to the genus 'Centaurea'. The upper part of the plant has many stems and it produces many flowers. The flowers of the plant are striking because of their blue color. At present, the flowers are also available in white, pink, and red. It is an annual plant, which means that the plant germinates flowers and dies in one year.

Other native and popular flowers of Germany

The Greenspire or Tilia Cordata is native to Germany. This deciduous tree can be medium to large in size. It has small light-yellow flowers that stand alone. The Silver birch or Betula Pendula is native to Germany and many other parts of Europe. This fast growing tree has roots that do not run very deep. The White mustard or Sinapis alba belongs to the family cruciferae. It is an annual plant and a herb. The Norway spruce or Picea abies is an evergreen cone-shaped tree.

Roses, oleander flowers, tulips, acerolas, and daffodils are among the popular flowers that are gifted in Germany. Bunches of roses, bouquets of acerola, daffodils in vases, and tulips in bunches are excellent flower-related gifts in Germany.

Online Florists Germany

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A few of the major online florists who cater to Germany are Floraprima, the Germany section of the UK based Interflora, Florient, which is based in the Netherlands, and Pickupflowers. For a list of German florists who do business online, please visit our page on Online Florists in Germany.

Send Flowers to Germany

The Flower Expert has arrived at a few parameters on which florists can be compared so that the customers can select a good florist who suits their needs. You can go through the comparative analysis of the top florists presented in this table. This comprehensive table will help you decide which florist gives the best service when you want to send flowers to Germany.

Facts about Germany

Located in west-central Europe, Germany has the largest economy and the second largest population in the European continent. In addition to being in the forefront of science and technology, Germany has produced some of the greatest philosophers of the world. Germany has some of the most important cities of Europe namely Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg, to name a few.

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