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Floral Design is the art of using materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition that is aesthetically appealing. Any occasion calls for a floral arrangement. It is here that Flower Designers or Floral Designers come into the picture. Weddings, birthdays, parties, celebrations, anniversaries… all involve the role of a floral designer.

Floral designers create their designs according to clients´ needs. However, floral designers also create arrangements based on standard design patterns. Floral designers prepare some of these standard arrangements at the beginning of the day. Customers who are in a hurry or who do not need special flowers may buy these arrangements.

If they are designing for clients, floral designers first meet the clients to ascertain what the client wants. Then the floral designers create bouquets, wreaths, or any other types of arrangements as requested. Floral designers use a variety of tools and materials to make their creations. For example, floral designers use different kinds of knives and shears to produce the desired cut and shape.

Floral designers pack and wrap their arrangements for sale or shipment. For an event, floral designers deliver the flowers or arrange for their delivery. In addition, floral designers often decorate the hall, church, or other buildings where the event is held.

A list of some famous floral designers is given below along with a testimonial of their designs and links which take you to their respective websites.

Some More Floral Design Studios

Besides the above mentioned list of floral designers, a list of some famous Floral Design Studios is given below.

  • Floral Designer 13
    Waterlily Pond

  • Floral Designer 14
    Kathy Wright

  • Floral Designer 15
    Renny And Reed

  • Floral Designer 16
    Edgerton Floral

  • Floral Designer 17
    The Bloom Room

  • Floral Designer 18
    Designer Florist

  • Floral Designer 19
    Creative Ventures

  • Floral Designer 20
    Jerry Solomon

  • Floral Designer 21
    Flowers By Denise

  • Floral Designer 22
    Dana Worlock

  • Floral Designer 23
    Petal’s Edge

  • Floral Designer 24
    Verbena Designs

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