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Cautleya FlowerCautleyas are among the popular tropical flowers, with different species of which are widely used in the cut flower industry. They belong to the family of gingers. Cautleyas are high altitude tropical and temperate gingers.


Cautleyas are natives of the cool forest areas of the eastern Himalayas. They thus, flourish well at high altitudes in the tropical world. Cautleya species are also seen either on the ground, in deep leaf litter or on stone outcrops between humus and moss.

The Cautleya flowers are funnel-shaped, pale orange or yellow flowers, and are produced on erect spikes. Flowers are produced above the leaves in late summer and early fall. The bracts enclosing the flowers are a deep red and they are seen throughout the flowering period. Each Cautleya blooms for about 3-5 days after it blossoms.

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Facts about Cautleya

  • Species in the Genus Cautleya are slender, sparsely-leaved and look like miniature gingers.
  • Cautleya plant stems are leafy, up to two thirds of their length.
  • Cautleya plant grows to as much as 2 feet, with leaves that are deep green on top with maroon undersides.
  • Cautleya plant has lance-shaped, shiny green leaves on reed-like stems.
  • Some popular Cautleyas species are Cautleya lutea, Cautleya gracilis, and Cautleya spicata.
  • The long flower buds have alternate maroon and yellow bands.
  • Cautleya flower plants are deciduous plants and are winter-dormant.
  • Flower buds appear from the apical portion of the stem.
  • Cautleya species are fast growing plants during the summer and monsoon months.

Growing Cautleya Flowers

  • Cautleyas require a deep, fertile, moist soil and full sun.
  • Plant the Cautleyas in late spring after the last frost.
  • Dig up the clump and divide it with a sharp spade or knife, making sure that each division has a growing shoot.
  • Larger clumps can be planted out directly into their permanent positions.
  • Smaller clumps should be potted, until they get established.

Caring Cautleyas

  • Cautleyas are heat-tolerant but should have shade during afternoon.
  • Keep the Cautleya plants evenly moist but not soggy.
  • Feed the Cautleyas lightly, and at half strength.
  • Cautleyas should be protected from the cold and dry winds.

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