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Facts About West-Virginia

Image of West Virginia State Flag West Virginia’s state capital city is Charleston. West Virginia became a state on June 20, 1863. West Virginia’s official state flag was adopted in 1929.

  • West Virginia is located between 38.350N, 81.630W of the U.S.
  • Total land area of West Virginia are 24231 sq.mi.
  • Border States of the state are Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia.
  • West Virginia’s state economy depends upon Agriculture: Cattle, dairy products, poultry, apples; Industry: Chemical products, mining, primary metals, stone, clay, and glass products, tourism.
  • West Virginia state nickname is Mountain State.
  • Major Industries in West Virginia are mining (coal), livestock, chemical manufacturing, glass products, tourism.
  • Points of Interest in West Virginia are Harpers Ferry and New River Gorge National River; the Greenbrier and Berkeley Springs resorts, and the Cass scenic railroad.
  • Historical Sites in West Virginia are Historic homes in the Eastern Panhandle area of the state.